Custom Calligraphy on Silk Bouquet Ribbon

Custom Calligraphy on Silk Bouquet Ribbon


Are you interested in a way to make your wedding bouquets more artistic and unique? Adding a custom calligraphy quote to your bouquet ribbon is the absolute perfect way to do so! I personally calligraphed a sweet quote on my bridesmaids' bouquets, and it provided the most darling pop of color and texture to our wedding photos.

The quote I used for our bouquet ribbon was, "A single rose can be my garden, a single friend, my world." Isn't that just the most perfect sentiment for your bridesmaids? I sure think so! Feel free to request this quote, or a quote of your own. There is a section in the order form for you to enter your quote request!

This listing is for quotes with 1-15 words, as I have found that is the ideal length of a quote to fit beautifully on your ribbon. The quote will be centered on the ribbon, providing a cohesive look no matter how it is tied around the stems of your bouquet.



This listing is solely for the custom calligraphy on your silk ribbon. Silk ribbon is sold separately, and I have two wonderful ribbon vendors from which you can choose! Each provides beautiful quality, and there are a variety of color options from each vendor. The vendors are:

FrouFrou Chic (more neutral tones) - please select an original silk ribbon option
Adorn Company (more colorful options) - please select a silk ribbon option

I recommend ordering the 1.5" width as shown in these pictures. I also recommend ordering a light color (it does not have to be neutral, simply a soft shade), so that we are able to use a deeper color of calligraphy to pop against the ribbon!

You will need 1.5 yards of ribbon per bouquet. FrouFrou Chic ribbons are sold in 6 yard spools, so their spools will provide 4 bouquet ribbons. Adorn Company ribbons are sold in 5 yard spools, so their spools will provide 3 bouquet ribbons. I will ship any extra yards of ribbon back to you with your calligraphed pieces!

Once you place your order, I will email you with my mailing address where your ribbon can be shipped to. 


Please select the number of ribbons you will be ordering for custom ribbon calligraphy in the number drop down in this listing. The pricing is per bouquet ribbon.


Please include your ideal calligraphy color in the form associated with this listing. I will email you upon your order to discuss the ribbon and calligraphy colors more in-depth!


These silk ribbons have a gorgeous, soft texture to them! With that said, there is the possibility that the paint/ink used with the calligraphy on the silk ribbon may "bleed" ever so slightly. I always go as slow and controlled as possible to avoid the bleeding of the calligraphy, but please know that this is a possibility. As you can see from the photos, even if there are slight bleeds on the ribbon, they are not noticeable in photographs!


Please allow 2 weeks from the date I receive your silk ribbon for me to complete your custom calligraphy on silk bouquet ribbons. Your ribbon will be shipped via FedEx Ground, which on average takes 3 business days.