Simply Jessica Marie Bride | Colorful Classic Charleston Wedding by Landon Jacob Photography


Bonnie is a PR consultant in Charlotte, NC. She is engaged to her sweet beau Daniel, who thinks the world of her. She works a traditional 9-5 job, and looks forward to Thursday happy hour dates with her group of girl friends, as well as Tuesday night dates with Daniel to Whole Foods to grab something new to cook together over a glass of wine and their favorite TV show.

Bonnie adores dates to art gallery openings, and enjoys an occasional painting workshop, but jokes about her lack of artistic skills. She has a great appreciation for the arts, and is excited to build her growing gallery wall with Daniel in their first home together after marriage. She can't wait to have her friends over to show off her unique collection!

Bonnie is known as the hostess in her group. She believes every day is a cause for celebration and champagne, and nothing brings her greater joy than hosting parties for her closest friends. You can always count on her to have the freshest farmers market flowers, to concoct a new craft cocktail at each party, and to serve the most delectable sweet treat from the patisserie on the corner. 

Since Bonnie is the hostess extraordinaire, she knows she wants to plan the most wonderful, unique wedding full of both family traditions and little details that truly portray her love story with Daniel. Bonnie and her mom will go on a fun trip to New York to visit Klienfelds, but she knows she will find her perfect dress in a small boutique shop close to her home that carries custom dresses. One that will perfectly coordinate with the vintage bracelet passed down throughout the generations from her mom's family. She cannot help but get a little teary eyed thinking about incorporating those sweet traditions, while also making new decisions and traditions of her own. Most importantly, she can't wait to discover all the ways she can incorporate her and Daniel's personal love story and unique personality as a couple into the intricate details of their wedding. Details and photographs she knows she will save to show to her daughter and granddaughters one day.

Simply Jessica Marie Bride | Colorful Classic Charleston Wedding by Landon Jacob Photography

Though she has a deep appreciation for all things pretty, Bonnie knows that the most important things to hold onto in life are her faith, family, loved ones, and friends. She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face and a dance party to her favorite playlist because she cherishes every day to live her life.



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