Printing and Production Partners Guide for Stationers and Lifestyle Shop Owners

Printing and Production Partners Guide for Stationers and Lifestyle Shop Owners


So, friend. You're a small business owner, and you likely sell lifestyle products, offer printed stationery, or both. Maybe you've been painting all of your greeting cards by hand, and want to find a wholesale partner to produce larger quantities of cards at a time - in a way that will ensure the quality is just as beautiful as your original painting.

Maybe you're a wedding stationer, and you want to expand the color options and styles you provide to your couples - and swear there has to be a more affordable option than Paper Source. (Trust me, there is - and there are so many more colors available!!)

Or maybe you have a great lifestyle product company you're working with, but you're sick of the high minimums and endless inventory taking over your spare bedroom - and you want to switch to a drop shipping company so you can get your time and your life back!

Friend, I hear ya. I've been in business for over four years, and I've gone through it all. I've gone through countless trial and error with bad printing and production companies, wasted money using retail sources rather than wholesale ones, and spent hours upon sleepless hours spent googling - searching for the best vendors.

And I do not want you to spend your precious time and resources doing the same. 

So, I have created a comprehensive 26 page Printing and Production Partners Guide, made specifically for stationers and lifestyle shop owners!! I am truly excited for you to invest in this guide, because it means that you are ready to take the next step in your business toward outsourcing printing and production with the absolute best vendors around!


So, what's in the guide? Here's the outline!

Printing and Production Partners Guide

Printing & Finishing Companies

  • Digital Printers

  • Foil & Letterpress Partners

  • Finishing Companies (edge painting, edge deckling, and more)

  • Day-of Details (koozies, napkins, coasters, guest books, and more!)

  • Large Format (canvases, foam core boards, and more)

Envelopes & Paper Companies

  • Envelopes (euro flap, square flap, and handmade)

  • Envelope Liners

  • Return Address Printing Companies (full color and white ink)

  • Paper Sources

Ribbon, Stamps, and Wax Seals

  • Ribbon (satin, silk, and custom-colored handmade silk!)

  • Stamps (vintage, custom, and standard)

  • Rubber Stamps

  • Wax Seals

Lifestyle Products

  • Drop Shipping Sources

  • Phone Case Companies

  • Sources with low minimum orders

  • Sources best for investing in higher quantities for lower pricing

  • Sources for products like mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, canvases, journals, and more!

  • Fabric and Wallpaper Sources

Packaging Options

  • Packaging Boxes

  • Art Print Mailers

  • Clear Protective Bags

  • Tissue Paper

  • Ribbon

  • Crinkle Paper

  • Nice boxes for invitation suites

  • Custom Boxes

  • Custom Packing Tape

Pro Tips

  • I've sprinkled some "pro tips" throughout the guide - from how much ribbon I use per invitation suite, to how many extra envelopes I order for return address printing, to file setup suggestions for edge deckling, and more!

Lifetime Promise

I am constantly finding new vendors. If I find a new vendor who I fall in love with, I will update this guide and send you the revised version! That way, you never miss out and are always in the loop!



Due to the nature of digital downloads, refunds will not be given for this product. However, as I mentioned above - I am always looking to improve this product! If you review the guide and find that it is lacking in a certain stationery or lifestyle product vendor category that you would find valuable, send me an email to to let me know. I'd love to be able to do my best and source the perfect vendor for you as a part of the lifetime updates!


This guide will be a complementary bonus guide as a part of my Digitizing Watercolors course through the SJM Art School. If you're okay with waiting a little while to access the guide, you can grab it through enrolling in that course! However, refunds/discounts will not be provided if you purchase this guide prior to enrolling in the course, or in addition to enrolling in the Digitizing Watercolors course, or any other SJM Art School Courses.