Magnolia Watercolor Crest

Magnolia Watercolor Crest

from 250.00

Customize this Magnolia watercolor crest with your monogram, banner wording, and icons that represent your careers, favorite hobbies, and personalities to make a crest that truly feels like “you” and can be used for your wedding and/or as a family crest!

You’ll receive both the digital files of your crest with the rights for unlimited personal use (which is amazing - so you can have your crest printed on any wedding or home decor details you’d like!) and an heirloom art print.

Want help having your crest products printed? Email me and let’s chat!

I recommend a minimum of 6 icons and a maximum of 10 icons! Choose your number of icons in the drop down below.

how to order your crest:

  1. Take a look through the color options, monogram styles, and available icons. (Need help choosing your design options? Let’s hop on a call! You can also browse past #sjmcrests designs here)

  2. Select the art print size and number of icons of your choice, and click the “add to basket” button.

  3. A form will pop up after you’ve added your crest to the basket, and you will be able to select your colors, icons, and enter your monogram and banner details in the form! (Access the icon design guide here to see the icons as you’re filling out the form!)

  4. After you’ve finished the form, your crest will be added to your cart.

  5. Add on any crest upgrades you’d like! Then, simply check out, and you’re all set!

  6. I will be in touch after receiving your order to follow up with our design agreement, and begin our design process!

turnaround time

Your customized crest proof will be ready for you to review within 2 weeks of your order date!

If you upgrade to add on any custom painted icons, your crest proof will be ready within 3-4 weeks of your order date.

Your art print will ship within 1-2 weeks of your proof approval.

files provided

This listing includes both the digital file for unlimited personal use of your crest as you desire, plus an heirloom art print in the size of your choice!


Access the icon design guide HERE!

I recommend having it open while you’re filling out the form so you can easily see all of the available icons!

Art Print Size:
Number of Icons:




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Take a peek at the beautiful crests (both Crest Bar Crests and Custom Crests) below to see icon ideas and color palette combo inspiration!


Need help selecting which monogram type to choose? Here are my suggestions:

  • Single letter monogram - using your married monogram will help best transition your wedding crest into a family crest! This option is traditionally only used on details displayed after your ceremony, once you are officially married. But modern brides, feel free to use this throughout all of your wedding details if you please!

  • Double letter monogram - this monogram will use your first initials, intertwined or joined by an ampersand. Perfect for a couple's crest - and traditionally the best option for pre-ceremony design details!

  • Triple letter monogram - this monogram will use your married last initial in the center, with the bride's first initial to the left and the groom's first initial to the right. As with the single letter monogram, this option is traditionally saved for post-ceremony design details!

Want to upgrade to add a second monogram style to your crest (ex: a single or triple letter monogram for a “family crest” after your wedding ceremony)? Add it on here!


Here are my suggestions for what to include inside the banner:

  • Est. "year you are getting married" - this option showcases the year your new family will be established! It's a great option if you envision using your crest as a family crest!

  • Your wedding date, written numerically - this option showcases your exact wedding date! I typically suggest this for couple/wedding crests, but it can definitely be used for family crests as well!

  • Your family name - this option is amazing for family crests!

Ordering for an individual or child? I'd recommend using your/their birth date, year, or family name here!


Within 2 weeks of your order date, I will provide you with your digital proof to review. You are allotted 1 free rounds of revisions, to ensure that your design is exactly as you envisioned! Every revision after the first round is $75 per revision.


After we have your crest perfected, I will send your digital crest design in the following file formats: high resolution .JPG, .PNG, and PDF formats with both white and transparent backgrounds for your various potential printing needs!

If you select the vector file add on (which I recommend if you would like the black and white vector file of your crest for use on gold foil or letterpress wedding details!), I will also send your crest in these file formats: EPS, black and white .PNG, and black and white PDF

These design files are for personal use only. The extended license provided when purchasing this listing is only for individuals, couples, and families. It does not permit the use of this design for business use, i.e. as a logo design. It is not for resale. 


I definitely want you to have a physical print of your painting, to proudly display at your wedding and in your newlywed home! 

Pick from a beautiful 8"x10", 11"x14", or 16x20 watercolor art print, printed on the finest cotton ultra white paper. It captures the color of the watercolors so beautifully, and looks and feels just like an original piece! Please note the art print size options during checkout.


Your art print will be made to order specifically for you! Therefore, please allow between 5-7 business days for production before your art print ships. Shipping will take an additional 1-5 business days, and all prints will be shipped via USPS. 

Please note that while I wish I could simply bring you your package over a cup of chai latte, the package is in the hands of the USPS ladies and gents after I ship it from my studio. SJM is not responsible for any delays, lost packages, or undeliverable packages once the package leaves the SJM Studio. Of course, I will do my best with what I can to help you if there are any problems with shipping! 


Refunds are not provided, as we will work together to revise your design until you absolutely love it! (Please refer to the Design Process portion of this listing for revision details).

When sharing your custom crest on social media or online, please always give credit to Simply Jessica Marie as the artist! If your design is photographed and published online, the publication/post must always link to for credit purposes. 

My social media handle is @simplyjessicamarie - and I would love to be tagged in addition to being mentioned in your comment, so I can most easily see how you are creatively using your design! Please also provide this information to any of your wedding vendors for proper crediting and usage.