Custom Watercolor Crest

Custom Watercolor Crest

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Custom watercolor wedding crests are one of my favorite ways to add personality into your wedding design! The intricate icons we'll use will represent both of your personalities, as well as your love story! This listing includes both the digital file for unlimited personal use of your crest as you desire, plus an heirloom art print in the size of your choice!

The beautiful thing about custom crests is that, while most commonly used in wedding designs, they can and will last throughout the years as family heraldry. You can proudly hang your crest painting in your home, and can get creative with the other ways to use your design! Crests are also beautiful for individuals and children, too!

Some of my favorite creative ideas? Use your crest on custom napkins and koozies both for your wedding - and for future family reunions and holiday parties, printed on throw pillows to adorn your home, made into custom corn hole boards, or even embroidered onto dinner napkins, belts for the gents, and robes for the ladies! The options are truly endless and up to your creativity!

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New custom crests will be ready for delivery in February 2020.

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Crest Upgrade: Add A Second Monogram
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Crest Upgrade: Add A Second Monogram


Struggling to determine which icons will be best for your custom watercolor crest? Here are some of my favorite ideas to suggest!

  • Your favorite hobbies (ex: golfing, cooking/baking, traveling, running, painting, football, etc.)

  • Your career (ex: a stethoscope for medical professionals, a movie reel for cinematographers, a scale for lawyers, etc.)

  • Icons related to your love story (ex: love letters if you write to each other often, a globe if you love traveling on adventures together, the tree under which your sweetie proposed, a cute coffee cup to signify all the brunch dates and cozy mornings lounging together, the name or symbol of the school where you met, etc.)

  • Icons related to your family (ex: the flag of your family's state/country, your state/country flower, and my fav - your puppy/pet!)

  • Icons related to your wedding day (ex: the same flowers you'll be carrying down the aisle, a pineapple to represent the Southern hospitality you'll be extending to your guests, etc.)

I usually recommend having 2-3 icons on each side of the crest (4-6 total on the left and right sides), and florals at the top of your crest, with another 1-2 icons potentially painted at the top, too!

Additional icons above the 8 recommended may incur additional design fees, depending on their intricacy. 


Now that you've chosen your icons, it's time to select which type of monogram you prefer! Here are my suggestions:

  • Single letter monogram - using your married monogram will help best transition your wedding crest into a family crest! This option is traditionally only used on details displayed after your ceremony, once you are officially married. But modern brides, feel free to use this throughout all of your wedding details if you please!

  • Double letter monogram - this monogram will use your first initials, intertwined and often joined by an ampersand. Perfect for a couple's crest - and traditionally the best option for pre-ceremony design details!

  • Triple letter monogram - this monogram will use your married last initial in the center, with the bride's first initial to the left and the groom's first initial to the right. As with the single letter monogram, this option is traditionally saved for post-ceremony design details!

Torn on which monogram type to use? Select a double or triple letter monogram for your pre-wedding details, and add on a single or triple letter monogram for your post-wedding details here!


I always love finishing a crest design with a sweet sweeping banner! Here are my suggestions for what to include inside the banner:

  • Est. "year you are getting married" - this option showcases the year your new family will be established! It's a great option if you envision using your crest as a family crest!

  • Your wedding date, written numerically - this option showcases your exact wedding date! I typically suggest this for couple/wedding crests, but it can definitely be used for family crests as well!

  • Your last name - This is a wonderful option if you’d love to use it as your family crest!

Ordering for an individual or child? I'd recommend using your/their birth date or year here!


After thinking through your preferred crest ideas, please fill out the questionnaire in this listing to let me know what you would like included in your unique heirloom design! Then, submit your order.

Our design process will then begin with a contract & custom timeline, to help keep both of us on track with our schedule!

I will first sketch your custom crest design, and provide you with the sketched proof to review. You are allotted 3 free rounds of revisions, to ensure that your design is exactly as you envisioned! Every revision after the third round is $250 per revision.

Once we have your sketch perfected, I will begin painting! I will provide you with the painted proof to review and approve! Revisions to the painted piece are limited to color adjustments and minimal icon adjustments. If major icon revisions or crest revisions need to be made, an additional design fee will be incurred depending on the intricacy of the revision(s).

*My standard turnaround time for custom paintings is 2 weeks from the start of our design timeline. You can find your estimated delivery timeframe above in the main section of this listing!


After we have your crest perfected, I will send your digital crest design in the following file formats: high resolution .JPG, .PNG, and PDF formats with both white and transparent backgrounds for your various potential printing needs!

If you select the vector file add on (which I recommend if you would like the black and white vector file of your crest for use on gold foil or letterpress wedding details!), I will also send your crest in these file formats: EPS, black and white .PNG, and black and white PDF

These design files are for personal use only. The extended license provided when purchasing this listing is only for individuals, couples, and families. It does not permit the use of this design for business use, i.e. as a logo design. It is not for resale. 


I definitely want you to have a physical print of your painting, to proudly display at your wedding and in your newlywed home! 

While I would love to provide you with your original painting, often times I adjust certain colors digitally to best match your wedding color palette. I want your printed piece to perfectly reflect the digital design you are receiving! 

Therefore, I love providing high quality 8"x10", 11"x14", or 16x20 watercolor art prints printed on the finest cotton ultra white paper. It captures the color of the watercolors so beautifully, and looks and feels just like an original piece! Please note the art print size options during checkout.


Your art print will be made to order specifically for you! Therefore, please allow between 3-7 business days for production before your art print ships. Shipping will take an additional 1-5 business days, and all prints will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 

Please note that while I wish I could simply bring you your package over a cup of chai latte, the package is in the hands of the USPS ladies and gents after I ship it from my studio. SJM is not responsible for any delays, lost packages, or undeliverable packages once the package leaves the SJM Studio. Of course, I will do my best with what I can to help you if there are any problems with shipping! 


Refunds are not provided, as we will work together to revise your sketch and design until you absolutely love it! (Please refer to the Design Process portion of this listing for revision details).

When sharing your custom crest on social media or online, please always give credit to Simply Jessica Marie as the artist! If your design is photographed and published online, the publication/post must always link to for credit purposes. 

My social media handle is @simplyjessicamarie - and I would love to be tagged in addition to being mentioned in your comment, so I can most easily see how you are creatively using your design! Please also provide this information to any of your wedding vendors for proper crediting and usage.