what if you could learn how to become a confident watercolor artist in a fun, relaxed environment?

AKA, at home. with a glass of rosé.

whether you want to reignite your creativity or grow your artistic business to new heights, i'm here to show you how...


it’s time to stop feeling like you’re not good enough to be an artist...

and learn the foundational watercolor techniques so you can proudly share & sell your art! 

Watercolor Paint Tubes

you probably love watercolor in all forms, but are thinking...

 "there's just no way, i'm not that confident! who am i to think i can be a "real" artist?!"

let me take a guess...are you currently: 

  • Desperately wanting a consistent artistic growth plan from the very basics all the way through designing and printing products for sale?
  • Thinking, “I’m not creative! I don’t have the time to try to being creative! You’re going to laugh at me — I shouldn’t try because it’s not worth it.”?
  • Spending hours scrolling through Youtube tutorials & Insta videos attempting to piece together lessons for yourself, only to come up short from what you need to learn?
  • Staring at a blank piece of paper trying with all your might to decide what to paint (come ooooon brilliant ideas, pop into my head already!), letting that lack of inspiration block you from ever beginning? 
  • Feeling paralyzed when you walk into the art store from all the things? Standing in the watercolor section just staring at all the supplies, then leaving empty handed because it was WAY too overwhelming! So. Many. Brushes.
  • Wishing someone would just give you the permission to start?

maybe you're also...

  • Wanting to learn how to use watercolors like watercolors - learning the correct techniques rather than treating this artistic medium like painting with acrylics (Wait...how much water do I need to add to the paint? Why does my brush keep getting dry?!)
  • Wishing you could supplement your current design work with your own calligraphy, rather than all the super popular fonts that everyone else is already using. You want to stand out!
  • Baffled about how to paint white flowers! Thinking, "How do I paint something that is white without it looking like just a black and white outline? I don't get it - please someone teach me!"
  • Hand painting each individual greeting card or art print you sell in your shop - even if it is the same exact design - because you're just not sure you'll be able to match that gorgeous original painting color and quality with a digitized and printed reproduction. 
  • Feeling stuck in your business, because in order to truly grow - you need to be able to print your designs or offer them digitally. All you're comfortable offering right now are original paintings, but you can only take on a few of those each month - and you're not sure if your business will be able to survive that slow growth.

imagine what it would be like...

to feel confident.

to finally find your artistic style & voice.

to feel like you're recognizable in your own right.

to have an online community of friendly artistic peers.

to learn watercolor at home. with a glass of wine. on your own time.

still think that isn't possible?

don't take it from me,
hear what SJM Art School students
have to say!


real student work...
you could paint like this, too!


whether this is your first time picking up a paintbrush, or you're wanting to (quite literally) brush up on your technique...

the 4 courses in the SJm art school will provide you with a strong watercolor foundation so you can feel confident mastering the ins-and-outs of this beautiful & relaxing art form!


first things first,
what's the sjm art school?

it's an online artistic classroom for budding artists to learn artistic fundamentals & advanced techniques in a fun, relaxed environment.

It's lifetime access to go-at-your-own-pace courses with an online community and step-by-step PDF worksheets and homework.

it's your next step toward becoming an artist. and a confident one at that!

it encourages you to...


eager to enroll?


all 4 courses for
one payment of $657

start today for just $157!
4 payments of $157 will follow

start today for just $67!
11 payments of $67 will follow


curious about what's included
in each of the 4 courses?
keep reading below to find out more!

and deeeefinitely click on those fun "learn more" buttons for each course!


The Intro to Watercolor course will provide you with a strong watercolor foundation so you can feel confident mastering the basics of this beautiful & relaxing art form! It's perfect for beginners!


The Watercolor Florals course will provide you with a strong grasp on the basics of watercolor, will teach you how to take simple shapes to create petals and leaves, and will teach you how to paint 16 unique florals and a full bouquet painting!


The Intro to Brush Calligraphy course will provide you with a strong grasp on the basics of calligraphy, allow you to master the upper & lowercase alphabet, and confidently connect letters to make words & phrases!


The Digitizing Watercolors course will provide you with my step-by-step process to create high-quality, crisp watercolor designs that accurately match your original paintings & brush calligraphy. Designs you're confident to share and sell!


here's a glimpse into what you'll learn to paint!


although these are online courses...

you won't have to go through them alone

I know how scary it can feel to learn a new art form on your own. And I of course want to make your learning process as fun and comfortable as possible! That's why you'll be hearing from me personally through email check-ins so I can make sure you're keeping up with your lessons & homework!

Our Facebook community is also SO much fun, and incredibly supportive! We'll have weekly prompts, so you can share your progress and get feedback from your friendly artistic peers!

Kaitlyn Totes.png
Lisa Facebook Community Accountability Testimonial.png
Lindsey Facebook Community Accountability Testimonial.png

it's time to invest in your
artistic journey

each course includes:

- between 1.5 hours (for intro) and 10 hours (for digitizing) of video lessons, in perfect bite-sized lessons!

- fun homework from each lesson to put your skills to use,
plus course projects so you can then show off your
new artistic talent to loved ones & potential customers!

- 15 additional bonus video lessons with practice prompts
so you can confidently continue your watercolor journey

- 7+ ah-mazing bonus PDFs & guides so you can complement
your video lesson education with written content
(because i know each student learns differently!)

- a facebook group of likeminded artist friends so you can
have a supportive community & share your progress!

- surprise bonuses (i don't want to give everything away!)

new semester bundle bonus added!!

Digitizing Watercolors Versus Vectorizing Artwork by Simply Jessica Marie

All students who enroll in the SJM Art School Semester Bundle today through August 15 at 11:59pm EST will not only receive all of the incredible 4 core courses and their amazing bonuses...

But you'll also receive a NEW bonus: my image trace formula for easily vectorizing calligraphy & line art designs!

The bonus won't just be the formula - it will be a bonus video where I walk you through all the steps I take to easily & cleanly vectorize my designs!


While I do not vectorize my watercolor paintings (I digitize them, not vectorize them - read more here!), I do vectorize the black and white traces of the artwork I create for a few reasons:

  1. Anytime I send a design to production for letterpress or foil, the elements that are pressed/stamped need to be vectorized.
  2. If a client needs their design in a black & white fully scalable format for something like a wedding gobo.
  3. If I were to design custom branding for a creative (a service I used to offer), and wanted to provide them with both the watercolor versions of their designs and the vectorized artwork - in case they have letterpress business cards printed!

If you've been dying to learn how to digitize your watercolors and vectorize your artwork, now would be the perfect time to become an SJM Art School Semester Bundle student!!

*Please note: this bonus will only be available to students who enroll in the entire Semester Bundle, not in the individual classes. The bonus will also be sent to all Semester Bundle students who have previously enrolled!


yesss, jessica - i want to become an artist now!



hooray, friend!!!
you've got a few fun options!

select one course below,
or as many as you'd like.

interested in all 4 courses?
definitely check out the semester bundle!

and payment plans?
oh yea - you can have those, too ;)


individual courses

to watercolor



digitizing (most
popular class!)

Semester Bundle One Class Free SJM Art School

get the sjm art school semester bundle.
(a student favorite!)

I know, I know - too good to be true? Can you really get a course for free? Yup. I know investing in your artistic education is a huge deal! So if you're ready to sign up for all four courses at once, I want to give you a fun treat. 

Rather than paying the full price for the four courses
($117 + $147 + $147 + $397 = $808)

I'm offering the semester as a bundle for just $657!!! 

that's $151 in savings. aka, one class = free!

enroll in the full semester for $657


NEED A semester PAYMENT PLAN? here ya go!

Investing in the entire SJM Art School Semester is a big exciting leap - even if you are getting one course for free! If you need a little friendly help, I'm here for you.

Rather than paying $657 upfront, you can begin all four courses of the SJM Art School for just $157!

payment plan = 5 monthly payments of $157

yes, for all 4 courses!

begin the full semester for just $157


new extended payment plan option!!!

Now through August 15 at 11:59pm EST, I'm extending a new payment plan option for y'all to make enrolling in these four core courses even more accessible! Because I don't want money to be the thing that holds you back from your education, friend!!

Rather than paying $657 upfront, you can begin all four courses of the SJM Art School for just $67!

extended payment plan = 12 monthly payments of $67

yes, still for all 4 courses!

begin the full semester for just $67


digitizing watercolors payment plan

Investing in the Digitizing Watercolors course is a big exciting leap. It means you're going to turn your love of art into a profitable, scalable business. But I know that any educational investment can be scary. If you need a little friendly help, I'm here for you.

Rather than paying $397 upfront, you can begin the Digitizing Watercolors Course today for just $97!

digitizing payment plan = 5 monthly payments of $97

yes, you can start for less than $100!

begin digitizing watercolors for just $97


An investment you can feel good about.

a portion of all courses will be donated to uga miracle! (click here to learn more)

my sister is a uga student, and is passionately involved in this organization, striving to help as many kids as possible.

it's her goal to raise $3,000 to donate, and i know we can help her reach it and bless the lives of so many children!

last year, we raised: over $500
for the uga miracle - for the kids!!
and $2,000 for hurricane harvey!

your enrollment makes a difference.

SJM Art School Online Watercolor Courses Gift Cards

give the gift of art

Is there any gift better than the gift of education? I don't think so!

If you're still looking for the perfect gift for your artistic friend, gifting them with a gift card to one (or all!) of these online courses will surely grant you the best-gift-of-the-year award!

Gift cards are available for all four courses individually, along with the full Semester Bundle!


Have questions?

I've got answers!

  • When will I get access to the course content? All of the core lessons will be available as soon as you sign up! All 15 bonus videos are also already available for you to watch and practice, and I will send you a weekly email each Friday during our bonus series to walk alongside you during your continued education.
  • Do I have lifetime access to the class? Yes, of course! You have lifetime access to any of the SJM Art School classes you enroll in - plus you'll get lifetime updates to the classes if I update anything!
  • What if I've LITERALLY never held a paintbrush?! Friend, that's okay!! I'd recommend taking the intro courses first, and then progressing in your artistic education by taking the intermediate courses (like Watercolor Florals), then advancing to the business-level Digitizing Watercolors course after you're comfortable with actually painting! That's why the Semester Bundle is so great, it walks you throughout your artistic education in a natural, strategic progression from the basics to advanced techniques - making sure the beginning lessons provide you with ALL of the knowledge you need before moving forward!
  • Do I have to take all 4 courses? Nope! Take 1 course, 2 courses, 3 courses, or all 4 - I want you to have the option to take whichever classes will best guide you along your artistic journey! But if there are 3 that you have your eye on, I suggest grabbing the Semester Bundle, as you'll get 1 class free that way :)
  • Do I have to take the Intro to Watercolor course before taking the other 3 courses? Nope! I love recommending the Intro to Watercolor course to give you a beautiful understanding of our artistic medium. However, if you're simply interested in Brush Calligraphy or Watercolor Florals, simply enroll in one (or both!) of those courses! I'll teach you the basics of how to use your supplies, so you're all set for everything you need to know to start calligraphing & painting flowers (no previous experience required!). I do however recommend that you definitely have a grasp on watercolors before taking the Digitizing Watercolors course (which is why the Semester Bundle is so great!)
  • Do I have to have a business to take these courses? Nope, but it's a GREAT way to help you build a business! These four courses will literally guide you through getting comfortable with the basics of watercolor all the way to creating print and web ready files for you to sell in your shop and provide to clients!
  • Do I get your Printing & Production Partners Guide with any of these courses? Yep!!! The (best selling) Printing & Production Partners Guide (aka, my exact list of vendors I love to use) is included complementary with your enrollment of the Digitizing Watercolors course, and the Semester Bundle. And before you ask - yep, it's included if you choose the payment plan options for either of those, too!
  • How long will it take me to complete the courses? The courses are broken into bite-sized lessons, and the four courses range from 1.5 hours (Intro to Watercolor) to 10 hours (Digitizing Watercolors). However, I recommend watching each lesson as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable and confident in that new skill, before moving onto the next lesson!
  • Do I have to live in the USA to be a student? Nope! We have lots of amazing international students - from Australia, England, Canada, and more! That's the perk of online courses :)
  • Do you offer any refunds? Yup! If you take the course within 30 days of enrolling, practice each lesson and show me your homework - and I don't see any improvement in your watercolors skills, I'll give you a full refund! Risk-free choice, my friend!
  • *Have specific Digitizing Watercolors course questions? Head to the FAQ section of this page to read more about programs/software - and any other questions you might have!

oh gosh, i forgot my manners!!

hey y'all, i'm jessica!

and i'll be your teacher!


I'm an artist for sweethearts, and an educator for artists. And the best news? I'm a self-taught artist, so I know exactly what you're going through! I help budding artists like you build their creative confidence through comprehensive yet simple step-by-step classes. And I'm all about learning with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night!

Over the past 5 years, I've taught over 500 students through in-person watercolor workshops. I LOVE teaching in-person, but know that not everyone can travel to be in the cities where I host my workshops! Which is why I'm SO excited to bring the SJM Art School online, so you can take the classes from the comfort of your home - whether that's a hop skip and a jump away in another Texas city, or all the way in Australia!

I've built my business on watercolor & brush calligraphy. But it wasn't always that way. I started my career as an assistant to a (super super sweet!) wedding planner. While my job was visually creative, I craved the opportunity to make more with my hands. With paint. So when my (now hubby, Zack!) popped the question and asked me to move from Nashville to Knoxville, I took the leap to create a full-time business and a life I adore that's fueled by art and love. And I haven't looked back since.

So whether you're craving a job change to something more creative and hands-on, want to enhance your current creative business by adding brush calligraphy to your products or services, or simply need guidance getting started, the SJM Art School will provide you with the education, confidence, and community you deserve!

so, friend...

will i see you in class this semester?


scroll all the way down & need a recap?

i've gotcha, friend! click below for individual course descriptions:


intro to



digitizing (most
popular course!)


all of the gorgeous photos on this page (aside from the fun student headshots!!) were either taken by miss callie lindsey, or shot for the sc stockshop!