The SJM Art School by Simply Jessica Marie

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the sjm art school

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The SJM Art School is an online classroom for creatives to learn artistic fundamentals and advanced techniques in a fun, yet relaxed environment.

It is my mission to equip budding artists like you with step-by-step lessons in an easy-to-follow format - showing you how to confidently tackle all of the art forms you've been too afraid to try. To waive goodbye to perfectionism, and hello to relaxing Sunday afternoon paint sessions! All from the comfort of your own home, with a refreshing glass of rosé.

four core courses:

intro to watercolor

intro to brush calligraphy

watercolor florals

digitizing watercolors


I understand that each artist and student's needs and creative journeys are unique. So, our four core courses will be available both individually, and as an Art School Semester Bundle of all four classes! Want to just enroll in two (like the intro to watercolor and watercolor florals classes for budding artists - pun intended)? By all means friend, you'll for sure be able to! I want you to be able to pick and choose which classes are best for you and your artistic education!


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I would also be oh so appreciative if you took just five minutes to tell me a bit about your personal artistic journey! To show my thanks, I will be sending you a sweet gift once the SJM Art School is in session! 

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