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my favorite free resources

How to infuse art into your busy schedule guide by Simply Jessica Marie | Learn how to practice art on a regular basis! | Photo by SC Stockshop

free weekly
watercolor tutorials!

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Creative Critique Guide by Simply Jessica Marie | Learn how to critique your art to build creative confidence and track your artistic growth! | Photo by Callie Lindsey

creative critique

learn how to have quarterly
creative critiques with an
accountability buddy, to:

  • grow your creative confidence
  • assess your artistic growth
  • see how & where you can improve

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How to use styled stock photos to showcase your stationery designs with the SC Stockshop | Free video tutorial by Simply Jessica Marie

blog posts
for creatives

my "learning" blog post series
has a variety of topics including:

  • entrepreneur tips
  • artistic advice and tutorials
  • free videos, like how to use styled stock photos to showcase your stationery designs
  • my favorite conferences and workshops
  • and more!



SC Stockshop Styled Stock Photography for Creative Entrepreneurs

sc stockshop

my go-to resource for gorgeous
styled stock photography!

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ConvertKit | Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs


my favorite email marketing
system! powerfully smart.

with ConvertKit, you can segment subscribers (ex: artists vs. brides), create sequences & so much more!


the course creation platform
i'm using for the SJM Art School!

create unlimited branded online courses
with unlimited students for a low
lifetime pricing plan - all without
having to know how to code!!

HoneyBook | Client Management System for Creative Entrepreneurs


my favorite client management
system! contracts, invoices, timelines,
questionnaires & messaging are all
in one petty & organized place!

use the link below to save 50%!