not interested in the sjm art school
this time around?

i'm here to tell you that's 100% totally okay!

Just like in this photo, we all like to do our own things. If you're not interested in growing yourself as an artist at this point in your creative journey, or you're simply on my fun Artistic Aperitivo newsletter for the wedding tips & cocktail recipes - that is equally as fun and important! Consider yourself officially removed from the upcoming SJM Art School emails I'll be sending over the next few weeks!

And don't fret - you'll still be a part of the newsletter for the emails you do still love to receive!

did you click unsubscribe from the sjm art school emails on accident?

Friend, it happens to the best of us! If you're here and you do indeed want to receive the upcoming emails about the SJM Art School, simply fill out your info below and you'll be able to update your preferences about which emails you truly do want to receive!

have a friend who would looove the art school?

So fun, I can't wait to meet them!! I'd love for you to invite them to learn more about the Art School! Giving the gift of education to someone is truly one of my favorite ideas this holiday season, and I know they'll be forever grateful!

Simply click the button below and send the URL to them to allow them to sign up!


photo by the oh-so-talented Shalyn Nelson