Simply Jessica Marie

Simply Jessica Marie | Dallas Watercolor Artist

oh, hello love, i'm so happy you found me!

Hey, y'all! I'm Jessica Marie Peddicord. See that middle name there? It's the same as my mom and grandma's, and it will hopefully become my daughter's middle name one day, too!

And see that last name? That fancy little English thing popped onto the end of Jessica Marie on May 14, 2016 when I married my handsome, insanely smart, wood working, hilarious (our kids are going to have the best dad jokes to tell their friends one day!), wildly talented cook of a hubby, Zack.

While our wedding day was one of the most fun days of our lives so far (and you can read all about it on the Southern Weddings blog!), we love our marriage even more. Dating my long-awaited best friend turned husband is a wonderful adventure, one that I look forward to continuing even when we're 80 and regulars at Cracker Barrel!

When I'm not laughing with Zack over a home-cooked meal, a glass of wine, and Friends re-runs, you can find me curled up in my cozy little home studio space, painting the day away.


I'm a watercolor artist and brush calligrapher with a heart for visual storytelling. I love infusing my sweet couples' unique personalities and love stories into each inch of their designs, to create heirloom pieces for them to cherish alongside their wedding photos and that monogrammed handkerchief each bride in her family used on her wedding day throughout the generations!

Simply Jessica Marie | Dallas Watercolor Artist

Yes, your save the dates and wedding invitations do set the tone for your wedding day. But for me and my couples? It's more than that. I want to get to know you as a friend, to learn about your favorite types of dates you go on with your sweetie pie, your favorite type of food that you could eat over and over again plus that guilty pleasure dessert and/or cocktail you love to celebrate life with, what you do for a living and what you do for living outside of your job, what you are most looking forward to about your wedding day, as well as any fears and concerns the two of you might have about wedding planning. And most importantly, what y'all are most looking forward to about marriage. 

i truly believe that your love story 

and your unique personalities matter, 

and should be shared and cherished.


That love story and those personalities of yours? Let's infuse them with intentional design details to create a completely custom wedding suite. Using personal touches, from icons representative of your favorite hobbies tucked into the corners of your custom watercolor wedding crest to an interactive response card asking your friends and family to share their favorite travel spots with you (these make for awesome display details on your wedding day!) is the perfect way to create an invitation suite that is both timeless and an heirloom since it is rooted in the two of you, not in trends.

Most importantly, I'm here to guide you along the way. Unsure of how far in advance to mail your save the dates, or how much postage they need? I've gotcha covered. Stuck on invitation wording? If you want to please your grandma, I've got the most beautiful traditional wording possible! Want to make your friends giggle as they flip through your suite details? I've got unique non-traditional wording options, too. The choices are completely up to the two of you sweethearts, I'm simply here as a resource and your trusty artist friend!



since we're going to become close friends,

here are some fun facts 

you should know about me!

1. I'm a self-taught artist. Yes, I was the kid who signed up for art camp instead of soccer camp and always took artistic electives throughout school (I have more fruit studies and self portraits than I'd like to admit). But everything you see today, from my brush calligraphy to watercolor portraits, venue paintings, and florals have all been self-taught through personal artistic exploration and workshops. Why is this cool? Because my artistic eye is fresh, and not confined by the "rules" of art, meaning I will always provide you with a truly unique piece of art!

2. One of the coolest things I've ever done was travel abroad all throughout Italy during a month long winter term at Elon. I saw glass blowing first-hand in Murano and lace-making in Burano, toured countless art galleries throughout Rome, Venice, Assisi, and Milan, and listened to the most beautiful music in Florence. And ate pasta, lots of pasta. The Italian in me (I'm half Italian, all from my mom's side!) was so, so fulfilled, and I know those experiences have made me a better artist.

3. Speaking of art, my "thing" is that I always try to find a unique piece of local art whenever I travel. I have two paintings from the cutest little Italian man in Positano, Italy (one from when I went with my mom, and one from my honeymoon with Zack), an amazing watercolor of a first line from a street artist in New Orleans, and a incredibly cool pencil sketch from Paris found in the Paris Market in Savannah. I can't wait to keep growing my collection - if you know of any amazing local artists from where you are, let me know!

4. While art consumes my current day-to-day, I didn't always know I wanted to be an artist for a living (well, that's a lie, I did when I was four and my favorite color was brown). At first, I thought I wanted to be a psychologist because I find the human psyche completely fascinating. Then, something inside me sparked and I quickly became obsessed with weddings, switching my major to Sport and Event Management. I learned the importance of impeccable styling through my various internships and jobs with Graylyn, Rebecca Rose EventsSouthern Weddings and Amber Housley, as well as by creating styled events and photo shoots of my own. However, I quickly learned that logistics aren't my fav and I love my weekends, so I transitioned into custom wedding stationery and art! 

5. I'm all for getting dolled up and going out on the town to grab a mojito with friends, but lately I've started preferring cozy days and nights with Zack and our closest friends. He calls me the Queen of Cozy, and I have the fluffiest pink and white robe to prove it! We've found a great balance of fun adventure paired with Sundays spent lounging on the couch - wearing yoga pants, keeping up with our Fantasy Football leagues, and treating ourselves to a charcuterie tray when we don't feel like cooking.

want even more?

here are some favorites from the blog:

ps: love the pretty photos on this page? 

the office photos are by my friend jaimie carl, and the sweet savannah photos are by the darling lauren carnes!