never be afraid of your computer again.

enjoy your digitizing watercolors process.

learn how to match your digitized designs to your original paintings.

create print-ready and web-ready designs so you can confidently add them to your shop and sell them to your sweet clients.


do you love creating original paintings and/or brush calligraphy pieces, but often find yourself wondering, "how on earth do other designers scan & edit their work?!"

let me take a guess...are you currently: 

  • Thinking, “Am I alone in this fear? Am I the only artist who doesn't understand how to digitize my designs? Please oh please tell me I'm not just missing something super obvious!”
  • Feeling stuck in your business, because in order to truly grow - you need to be able to print your designs or offer them digitally? All you're comfortable offering right now are original paintings, but you can only take on a few of those each month - and you're not sure if your business will be able to survive that slow growth.
  • Hand painting each individual greeting card or art print you sell in your shop - even if it is the same exact design - because you're just not sure you'll be able to match that gorgeous original painting color and quality with a digitized and printed reproduction? 
  • Spending hours googling tutorials, only to realize that most of the Photoshop content out there is just for photographers - and you just wish you had a guide for editing watercolors not photos? Sure, you can piece together the photo tutorials - but that would take hours/weeks/months, and what if those techniques don't even work for your paintings?! You then start to think, "Too hard! Ugh! I give up!"
  • Thinking, "Wait. Is Photoshop even the right program for me to be using? Is it the only Adobe program I should be using? If not, what else should I use? And what are those other programs supposed to help me do? Do I have to learn ALL the tools of EACH program to be a good designer? If not, which ones should I learn? OMG. I'm never going to learn. I give up. Again."

maybe you're also...

  • Just. So. Dang. Frustrated. At. Getting. Rid. Of. That. Paper. Texture. Background. 
  • Feeling like you'll never be able to paint with blush, ivory, or other light colors again - because each time you attempt to digitize light colors, they get erased for good! There has to be a better way - I need my blush!!! 
  • Curious, wondering where you then take your digitized designs to have them printed once they're edited and prepped for production. Kinkos? No...surely there's a better option than that!
  • Thinking, "Oh but wait, before I send my client's design to print...how do I show it to them for proof approval?!"
  • Wishing you could just copy a step-by-step proven process.

imagine what it would be like...

to not "just" be an artist...

 but become a profitable business, too.

to finally turn your designs into stunning shop products.

to have an online community of talented & friendly artistic peers.

to learn digitizing at home. with a glass of wine... on your own time.

still think that isn't possible?

don't take it from me,
hear what SJM Art School students
have to say!


Tess from Little Duck Calligraphy

Tess from Little Duck Calligraphy

Elizabeth Digitizing.png
Grace Invitations.png

real student work...
you could digitize like this, too!


whether this is your first time digitizing your designs, or you're simply frustrated with your process & want something that you know will work...

the digitizing watercolors course will provide you with my step-by-step process to guarantee high-quality, crisp watercolor designs that accurately match your original paintings & brush calligraphy.

designs you cannot wait to print & sell, or provide as gorgeous digital designs to your sweet clients.


first things first,
what's the sjm art school?

it's an online artistic classroom for budding artists to learn artistic fundamentals & advanced techniques in a fun, relaxed environment.

It's lifetime access to go-at-your-own-pace courses with an online community and step-by-step PDF worksheets and homework.

it's your next step toward becoming an artist. and a confident one at that!


here's a glimpse into what you'll learn to digitize!


what will i learn in this course?

The Digitizing Watercolors course includes 9 core lessons that guide you through how to scan your artwork, how to edit your colors to best match your original paintings, how to remove that pesky watercolor paper background (without permanently removing ANY of your artwork!!!), how to save your designs, and how to prep them for both print & web - so you'll walk away with two beautiful art prints, a custom stationery set, and a new iPhone background!!

...all which you could then sell in your shop!


lesson one

my favorite art
supplies & software

  • I'll share my absolute fave art supplies I used to create the floral & calligraphy pieces.
  • I'll of course also share a detailed look at the Adobe Creative Cloud, which programs I love to use, and how you can get a free trial!

lesson two

how to scan
your artwork

  • We'll learn how to scan our artwork in this lesson! I'll share which scanner I use, and which settings I use within the scanner in order to best set us up for success in digitizing. (A good scan upfront is necessary, y'all!)

lesson three

what does each
adobe program do?

  • This lesson delves further into each Adobe Creative Cloud program we'll be using in the course!
  • I'll show you the back end of each program, so you can start getting comfortable as we begin our digitizing process!

lesson four

editing your
original colors

  • This lesson might be my favorite - it's pure magic!! We're going to learn how to manipulate the scanned colors, so that they best match our original painting colors. (Yes, even before removing our paper background!)

lesson five

removing your paper
background (method 1)

  • This lesson is jam packed with lots of detailed info about the first method I used to use when removing my paper texture background. It will get us super comfortable with Photoshop and all the various tools!

lesson six

removing your paper background (method 2)

  • Now that you're comfortable in Photoshop and have a foundation for one way to remove your paper texture background - I'm going to show you my new method I use! 
  • This is where you'll have your aha-moment ;)

lesson seven

brightening & refining
your painting

  • In this lesson, we'll go over how to do a couple quick touch-ups, to ensure they best represent our original pieces!
  • I'll show you the 2 steps I take each time I'm finishing editing my piece in Photoshop!

lesson eight

saving your designs:
prepping for print & web

  • Alright y'all - super important lesson! How do we actually save the designs we worked so hard on for print & web?
  • I'll show you my favorite save settings I use for my watercolor designs!

lesson nine

creating designs for print & web + course projects!

  • Fun project time! In this lesson, I'll teach you about Illustrator (only the important parts!) and how I use it to design print & web designs.
  • You'll make 2 art prints, 1 custom stationery set, and 1 iPhone background!

have i mentioned the fun bonuses?

oh yea, i'm pulling an oprah!

Did ya think you'd just get those incredible 9 core video lessons? Oh no, friend - so much more!

Let's look at what fun extra goodies you'll get when you enroll in the Digitizing Watercolors course:



your bonuses include:

  • Bonus Video Lessons: So you can continue learning digitizing tips & tricks with practice prompts - so you won't give up!! 
  • Supplies & Softwares List: So you can confidently know which programs you'll need + art supplies for new practice paintings!
  • Digitizing Watercolors Check List: So you can have a written step-by-step guide of everything I'll teach you - with check boxes next to each step to make sure you don't miss a thing!
  • Digitizing Watercolors Glossary: So you can quickly reference what weird terms mean! (what the heck is tolerance?)
  • Photoshop Adjustments & Tools Guide: So you can remember which tool to use to create unique effects!
  • Printing & Production Partners Guide ($137 value!): So you can confidently send your digitized designs to print, using the same exact vendors I trust & use!
  • Stationery & Art Print Templates: So you can easily design print-ready files!
  • Finding Your Signature Style + Tackling Artistic Perfectionism Guides: So you can confidently stand out in a sea of other artists!
  • Online Community: So you can share your progress and get feedback from your friendly artistic peers! #newbesties!




although this is an online course...

you won't have to go through it alone

I know how scary it can feel to learn a new art form or method on your own. And I of course want to make your learning process as fun and comfortable as possible! That's why you'll be hearing from me personally through email check-ins so I can make sure you're keeping up with your lessons & homework!

Our Facebook community is also going to be SO much fun! We'll have weekly prompts, so you can share your progress and get feedback from your friendly artistic peers!


Kaitlyn Totes.png
Lisa Facebook Community Accountability Testimonial.png
Lindsey Facebook Community Accountability Testimonial.png

it's time to invest in your
artistic journey

digitizing watercolors course includes:

- 10+ hours of video lessons (in perfect bite-sized lessons!)

- 4 unique projects (2 art prints, 1 custom stationery set,
and 1 iphone background for my graphic design friends)
so you can immediately test printing & add shop products!

- extra bonus video lessons with additional design techniques
so you can confidently build your own digitizing style

- a complimentary copy of the (best selling!) printing & 
production partners guide (a $137 value!!)

- 8 ah-mazing bonus PDFs & guides so you can complement
your video lesson education with written content
(because i know each student learns differently!)

- a facebook group of likeminded artist friends so you can
have a supportive community & share your progress!

- surprise bonuses (i don't want to give everything away!)

yesss, i want to become a digitizing pro now!

enroll for $397

or start for just $97


get the sjm art school semester bundle.

I know, I know - too good to be true? Can you really get a course for free? Yup. I know investing in your artistic education is a huge deal! So if you're ready to sign up for all four courses at once, I want to give you a fun treat. 

Rather than paying the full price for the four courses
($117 + $147 + $147 + $397 = $808)

I'm offering the semester as a bundle for just $657!!! 

that's $151 in savings. aka, one class = free!

enroll in the full semester for $657



Investing in the Digitizing Watercolors course is a big exciting leap. It means you're going to turn your love of art into a profitable, scalable business. But I know that any educational investment can be scary. If you need a little friendly help, I'm here for you.

Rather than paying $397 upfront, you can begin the Digitizing Watercolors Course today for just $97!

payment plan = 5 monthly payments of $97

yes, you can start for less than $100!

begin digitizing watercolors for just $97



NEED A semester PAYMENT PLAN? here ya go!

Investing in the entire SJM Art School Semester is a big exciting leap - even if you are getting one course for free! If you need a little friendly help, I'm here for you.

Rather than paying $657 upfront, you can begin all four courses of the SJM Art School for just $157!

payment plan = 5 monthly payments of $157

yes, for all 4 courses!

begin the full semester for just $157


new extended payment plan option!!!

Today through September 5 at 11:59pm EST, I'm extending a new payment plan option for y'all to make enrolling in these four core courses even more accessible! Because I don't want money to be the thing that holds you back from your education, friend!!

Rather than paying $657 upfront, you can begin all four courses of the SJM Art School for just $67!

extended payment plan = 12 monthly payments of $67

yes, still for all 4 courses!

begin the full semester for just $67


An investment you can feel good about.

a portion of all courses will be donated to uga miracle! (click here to learn more)

my sister is a uga student, and is passionately involved in this organization, striving to help as many kids as possible.

it's her goal to raise $3,000 to donate, and i know we can help her reach it and bless the lives of so many children!


last year we raised: over $500
for the uga miracle - for the kids!!
and $2,000 for hurricane harvey!

your enrollment makes a difference.

SJM Art School Digitizing Watercolors Online Course Gift Card

give the gift of art

Is there any gift better than the gift of education? I don't think so!

If you're still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your artistic friend, gifting them with a gift card to one the digitizing watercolor course will surely grant you the best-gift-of-the-year award!

Gift cards are available for all four courses individually, along with the full Semester Bundle!


Have questions?

I've got answers!

  • When will I get access to the course content? All of the core lessons will be available as soon as you sign up! All 15 bonus videos are also already available for you to watch and practice, and I will send you a weekly email each Friday during our bonus series to walk alongside you during your continued education.
  • Do I have lifetime access to the class? Yes, of course! You have lifetime access to this class (and any of the SJM Art School classes you enroll in) - plus you'll get lifetime updates to the classes if I change anything! AKA if Adobe changes something and there's a cool new helpful tool, I'll teach ya about it!
  • What if I've LITERALLY never held a paintbrush?! Friend, that's okay!! I'd recommend taking the intro courses first, and then progressing in your artistic education by taking this Digitizing Watercolors course after you're comfortable with actually painting! That's why the Semester Bundle is so great :)
  • What design programs do I need to enroll in this course? I highly recommend investing in the Adobe Creative Cloud!! I use multiple programs from the Creative Cloud, so investing in the full Creative Cloud is more cost effective than buying each unique program separately. But don't you worry - you get to test them for free! Adobe has a free 30 day trial of their Creative Cloud (which I'll also share your link to inside Lesson 1!) so you can decide if you do want to get the whole Creative Cloud, or just download the individual programs we'll use. Which of course, I'll detail in much more depth inside the course!
  • I'm a brush calligrapher but I don't paint florals - or - I'm a watercolor artist but not a brush calligrapher. Will this course be beneficial for my unique niche? Heck yes, friend! I recorded the same video lessons for both our brush calligraphy and watercolor floral paintings. That way, you can just watch the lesson that pertains to you. I do definitely recommend watching both however - because I may go more in depth in one lesson and it's always great to get as much practice as you can by watching all the lessons!
  • Will this course teach me how to vectorize my calligraphy/watercolor? Great question! And nope, not this course! This class is all about how to scan, color-match, remove your paper texture background, retain all your original watercolor designs, and then take those cleaned up gorgeous designs and prep the original watercolor elements for print and web. Vectorizing is ah-mazing and I use it often for prepping calligraphy for letterpress & foil suites. You'll want to enroll in my Vectorizing Artwork course for that ;)
  • Do I have to have a business to take this course? Nope, but it's a GREAT way to help you build a business! This course is your perfect next step from taking your original artwork and prepping it for print and web. Since you'll already have the print-ready and web-ready design files, why not make use of them and produce them through the vendors in my Printing & Production Partners Guide?!
  • How long will it take me to complete the course? The course lessons are just about 10 hours in total. I want to make sure you get the most value for your purchase, so I've jam-packed information in the course! Don't worry, you have lifetime access so you can go at your own pace - and I recommend watching each lesson as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable and confident in that new skill, before rushing onto the next lesson!
  • Do I have to live in the USA to be a student? Nope! We have lots of amazing international students - from Australia, England, Canada, and more! That's the perk of online courses :) Some of the vendors in the Printing & Production Partners Guide you'll receive are US-only, but others do ship internationally!
  • Do you offer any refunds? Yup! If you take the course within 30 days of enrolling, practice each lesson and show me your homework - and I don't see any improvement in your digitizing watercolors skills, I'll give you a full refund! Risk-free choice, my friend!

oh gosh, i forgot my manners!!

hey y'all, i'm jessica!

and i'll be your teacher!


I'm an artist for couples, and an educator for artists. And the best news? I'm a self-taught artist, so I know exactly what you're going through! I help budding artists like you build their creative confidence through comprehensive yet simple step-by-step classes. And I'm all about learning with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night!

Over the past 4 years, I've taught over 500 students through in-person watercolor workshops. I LOVE teaching in-person, but know that not everyone can travel to be in the cities where I host my workshops! Which is why I'm SO excited to bring the SJM Art School online, so you can take the classes from the comfort of your home - whether that's a hop skip and a jump away in another Texas city, or all the way in Australia!

I've built my business on watercolor & brush calligraphy. But it wasn't always that way. I started my career as an assistant to a (super super sweet!) wedding planner. While my job was visually creative, I craved the opportunity to make more with my hands. With paint. So when my (now hubby, Zack!) popped the question and asked me to move from Nashville to Knoxville, I took the leap to create a full-time business and a life I adore that's fueled by art and love. And I haven't looked back since.

So whether you're craving a job change to something more creative and hands-on, want to enhance your current creative business by adding brush calligraphy to your products or services, or simply need guidance getting started, the SJM Art School will provide you with the education, confidence, and community you deserve!

so, friend...

will i see you in class this semester?

*plus four additional monthly payments of $97

want to read more about

the other 3 classes in the art school?



all of the gorgeous photos on this page were either taken by miss callie lindsey, or shot for the sc stockshop!

ps, aren't my friends so cute? check them out here! meet rachel allene, meet evelyn henson, meet cami monet, meet annick coston