I'm Moving to Nashville Today!

Oh my goodness, y'all. Today is a day that I can barely believe is here. Today, I am leaving the state that I have called home for 13 years to move 6.5 hours and enter a new chapter of my life. Moving-to-Nashville

That's right, I'm moving to Nashville today! I am so incredibly excited for all that is to come. All of the new friends that I am going to make, the new memories I am going to make with those new friends, the times when my other friends get to visit me in my new apartment, decorating my new apartment, the places I am going to see, the awesome concerts I will be able to attend, the new job I will be starting, and so, so much more.


However, I cannot help but reminisce about all of the memories I have made while in NC for the past 13 years. It is both where I made most of my childhood memories, and where I grew up. It is where I learned that I loved to cheer and dance, where I took my first art lessons, where I broke my first bone, where I spent numerous nights grilling out at the pool with friends, where I had my first boyfriend, where going to Emerald Pointe was a given during the summer, and going to a haunted houses in October was a must, where I had my first job, where I learned how to drive, where I attended prom, where I learned how to cook and bake, where I sat in the lawn seats to watch Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson, where I got my first pet, where I graduated from high school, where I then attended the best university for college, where I celebrated numerous birthdays, where I joined Sigma Kappa, where I lived in my first apartment, and then my second, where I went wine tasting for the first time, where I attended Making Things Happen, where I learned how to jet ski, where I learned that I have a knack for design, where I tried my first biscuit and glass of sweet tea, and where I graduated from college.

North Carolina, I have so much to thank you for and remember you by. Although I was not born within your lovely state lines, I will always consider you to be where I grew up, and found my true self. Luckily for me, I will always be able to come back to you since my family still lives here! My grandma will sure be happy about that.

And now, I get to see what Tennessee has in store for me! There are two things I know for certain.

Me and Julie

The first is that I will be living with my new roommate, Julie! We both graduated from Elon, but barely knew each other, which is honestly quite odd since Elon is not that large. But, from our phone conversations and from the dinner we had together when I was in Nashville last month, I know we are going to be fantastic roommates.

Me and Amber

The second thing I know is that I will be working as the Client Services Coordinator and Associate Event Producer for Amber Housley. For those of you who know me, this is essentially my dream job. Ever since I saw the adorable mini teacup invitations Amber designed for Emily Thomas's bridal shower on Southern Weddings last summer, I fell in love with her style. Then, after hearing her speak at Making Things Happen, I knew that our aspirations for the future and how we prefer to work would mesh extremely well. Luckily, she thought so too, and I will be starting next Tuesday!

I cannot wait to experience this new city, and am ecstatic to see when it starts to really feel like home. I will be sure to update the blog with my new adventures!