Traditions Tuesdays: Sunday Family Bagels

My favorite types of traditions are family traditions, and I am excited to share one with y'all today! Ever since my family moved to North Carolina thirteen years ago, we have had the tradition of Sunday family bagels before Mass. My grandpa comes over every Sunday morning with six bagels in tow, and we all gather around our kitchen table to catch up with him about what has happened in our lives over the past week. Dedicating this time each week to seeing each other is important, because although he and my grandma live in North Carolina with us, sometimes weeks can slip away without seeing each other. It is a small tradition, but one that I look forward to every time I come home, and one that I will miss when I move to Tennessee later this month.

Bagels 1


Bagels 3

1. Cherry and Me 2. Cooking Light 3. Foodgawker

My family always opts for the regular type of bagels: blueberry, plain, and sesame with butter or cream cheese. But, since I love all things mini-food related, I decided to find some fun mini bagel recipes to implement at your own Sunday family bagels gathering. I am not the biggest fan of bagels and lox, but I love the way that these mini salmon, caper, and dill bagels from Egg's Unlimited have been presented. Cooking Light's roasted red pepper mini bagel sandwiches are more up my alley, and look absolutely divine for a savory breakfast. However, the most appetizing and out of the box type of bagels I found were these mini bagels stuffed with cheese. They look more like mini rolls with cheese since they are lacking the typical hole in the middle of the bagel, but they still look quite irresistible and are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your breakfast table.

Do you have any fun family food-related traditions, or know of any interesting bagel recipes? Be sure to leave a comment below if you do!