Anchor Coaster DIY

Happy July 1st everyone! With the 4th of July right around the corner, I wanted to create a simple and practical DIY for holiday BBQs and gatherings. These DIY anchor coasters are the perfect for holding your beers and cocktails. While they aren't in the traditional red, white and blue color palette, they look fantastic against those colors and can be used again and again throughout the summer.

Anchor Coasters DIY 8

Anchor Coaster DIY

Anchor Coasters DIY 1


  1. Cork coasters (I have had these for a while, and believe I got them from Target)
  2. White paint
  3. A foam paint brush
  4. An anchor stamp
  5. A gold ink pad
  6. Thick twine or rope
  7. A hot glue gun


Step 1: Paint the coaster with your white paint. I used two coats of paint. It is okay if you do not paint the rim of the coaster, because you will be covering that with the twine.

Anchor Coasters DIY 2

Step 2: Using your anchor stamp and gold ink pad, begin stamping your coasters. I decided that I wanted two looks- one with a single anchor in the middle of the coaster and another with multiple anchors. For the coaster with multiple anchors, I began with one anchor in the middle of the coaster, and then used half of the anchor to stamp two additional anchors in the top and bottom corners of the coaster.

Anchor Coasters DIY 3

Anchor Coasters DIY 4

Step 3: Cut a strand of twine that fits around the rim of your coaster. Mine was about 14 inches long.

Anchor Coasters DIY 5

Step 4: Place a dot of hot glue on the rim of your coaster, then quickly place your twine on top of the glue before it dries.

Anchor Coasters DIY 6

Step 5: Continue putting dots of hot glue around the rim of the coaster, placing the twine tightly and securely around the rim as you go, until it has reached the other end of your twine and completed the circle.

Anchor Coasters DIY 7

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for each coaster you have. It would also be smart to spray the coasters with a sealant so that the paint and ink do not come off when you place a cold drink on top!

Anchor Coasters DIY 9

Grab a cold drink, and enjoy your 4th of July!