Italy Vacation: Positano

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which can explain why I was left speechless when my mom and I realized that my memory card from all of the pictures I took in Positano was not in her purse, or our suitcases, or any of the places we could logically think to look. I have been waiting to write this recap on Positano because I was hoping that in waiting, the memory card would turn up somewhere. I am still hoping, and we have been saying endless prayers to St. Anthony to help us find it. It has so many beautiful pictures of the area, the hotel my family owns, the Church, me and my mom, and my relatives. But luckily, I did take a few pictures on my phone to remember it by! Positano 1

Positano 2

Positano 3

This, my friends, is Positano. It is the most beautiful place in the entire world. It is where my mom's side of my family is from. And, it is where I plan on spending my honeymoon whenever I get married. These pictures were taken from the balcony in the room we stayed in at my family's hotel, the Buca di Bacco. Isn't that view the most stunning thing you've ever seen? I could paint from that balcony for days.

The really cool thing about the Buca di Bacco is that it was started by my great great aunt's mother in the 1920's. My relatives in her family have worked to keep the place running and updating it to a larger hotel when Positano became more of a tourist location. My great great aunt, Zia Anna, was the pastry chef at the Buca for about 40 years! When we visited with her, she let me and my mom try some of her chocolate chip cookies and I can fully attest to the fact that she is a great baker! She is 93 years old and is living on her own and still cooks and bakes and is as witty as ever. I loved listening to her stories and seeing all of her old family pictures. Today, her two nephews and my mom's cousins, Massimiliano and Alessandro, work at the Buca. It was also really awesome hearing about their lives and how different their schooling and life in general has been. I can only imagine if I had a family business to dedicate my life to as they do!

Positano 4

Positano 5

These pictures are also from the Buca. How amazing are those tile floors? Positano is known for making ceramics, so there was an abundance of pretty tile like this all over the area. In addition to amazing ceramics, the Buca had the best breakfast. I had a slight variation of this every morning- fresh fruit, prosciutto (sometimes replaced with another pastry), a fragolini (mini strawberry) and cream torte, a croissant filled with strawberry jam, and a cappuccino. I'll be honest- this was my first time trying a cappuccino and I fell in love with them!

Positano 6

Positano 7

Positano 8

Positano 9

One of my favorite parts of being in Positano was simply walking around and exploring the different streets, shops, and beaches. The attention to detail that is paid in this area is incredible. There was bougainvillea overflowing on the archways of the streets. There were men painting the beautiful scenery on the beaches (I bought one of the copies of a painting similar to the one shown above!). There were stunning jewelry shops where I found this ring that I plan to pass down as an heirloom to my children. And, of course, there was gelato. Note to anyone who goes to Italy - you should try nocciola gelato. It is hazelnut flavor and it is my absolute favorite!

Positano 12

Positano 13

Positano 11

Positano 10

Although the dinners at the Buca were fantastic, the food at Le Tre Sorrelle was equally as delicious. We were offered a complementary appetizer, which was essentially tomato and mozzarella inside pizza crust in the shape of a heart. Oh my goodness was it good. And the margherita pizza that followed was even better! To top it all off, we had some of their homemade limoncello which was so smooth. Positano is also known for limoncello, which they make with their larger than life lemons. There was a lemon shop near the Buca that we visited and had some limoncello shipped back home for us, and I'm certainly glad we did.

Positano 14

One of the funniest and most flattering parts of the trip happened when we took a day trip to Amalfi and Ravello. The waiter at the restaurant where we ate lunch in Ravello apparently had a little crush on me and wanted to take me out to dinner. It would have been a great story if I had been able to go, but since it was only a day trip to Ravello, we were leaving shortly after lunch to head back to Positano. At least I have his love notes to prove how suave Italian men are!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to visit the place where half of my family originated, to have been able to stay at the Bucca di Bacco, and to have been able to meet the relatives that I have heard so much about my whole life. If I do find my memory card, you can bet that I will do a follow up post! And I will post about my time in Florence, Cinque Terre, Chianti, and Rome soon!