As I move into a new phase in my life, I have thought a lot about how to best balance my time. How to balance my Etsy shop preparation, moving to Nashville preparation, time spent with family and friends, time blogging, time learning more about my industry, and time to simply relax. In order to find the best balance, I have found that prioritizing my time and forming structure have helped best. Balance-Quote

At this point in my life, as I am still living at home for the next two weeks, time spent with my family is of utmost importance. I want to squeeze in as much quality time with them as I can, because it is the last time that I will truly be living at home. I'm not just going away to school this year and coming back for winter and summer breaks. I am moving. Seven hours away. Which is kind of a big thing for my family. Therefore, spending time with them is of the highest priority in my book right now.

Many of the other things that consume my time naturally fall into a set structure. I have to be completely packed and ready to move all of my belongings by July 10th, so I have been dedicating chunks of every day to packing and organizing my belongings. The pictures from my Simply Jessica Marie Etsy shop photo shoot will be ready around the same time that I move to Nashville. So, I have been making sure that I have all the necessary things checked off my list in preparation for the launch: enough supplies to create my products, enough packaging supplies, an Etsy banner, and my most recent and biggest thing to check off my list- a newly designed website that I hope to launch on the same day that I launch my Etsy shop.

One of the things I can balance best is my time spent blogging. Setting a structure for this is truly key. As you might have noticed, today is a Tuesday and I am not writing a Traditions Tuesdays post. I have decided that it would be best for me to switch these posts from weekly posts to posts that I write on the first Tuesday of every month. I will also be starting a new series called What I'm Reading Wednesdays on the third Wednesday of every month. I am really excited about this series, because it will hold me accountable to reading the books I have been hoping to read, but will give me a month to do so and determine what message I want to deliver in each post. That is what is important. I could be writing weekly series-related posts, but they would honestly most likely be done in a rushed fashion. I want to be able to put the time and effort into every post I write in order to be completely authentic and maintain a steady balance of truly good information on my blog.

I already feel relieved by writing this. Defining a structure for myself and writing about it on my blog will really help me to hold myself accountable to the timetable I have set. Do any of y'all struggle with balancing your time? Try taking an hour to sit down and prioritize your time, and set a structure that works best with your life.