Southern Weddings Internship Recap

Six months ago, if you would have told me that I was going to be one of the Southern Weddings spring interns, I probably would have responded with something along the lines of, "oh my goodness, if only!" If you would have told me that I was going to be able to help style the first editorial shoot for V6, I might have literally fainted and/or exploded with joy. If you would have told me that throughout my internship I was going to not only work alongside the SW ladies each week and have them as mentors and role models, but also develop friendships with them, I probably would have thought you were crazy. They are superstars, and I'm still just a college student! I count my blessings each day that all of those things did happen, and am still in denial that yesterday was the last day of my internship at Southern Weddings. But, it is certainly nowhere near the end of my relationship with the ladies and with all the SW culture embodies. I cannot help but to think back at all of my "firsts" with SW.


The very first time I ordered magazines, V2 and V4, and was beyond elated that they came with a handwritten note!


The first time I received my beautiful copies of V5!! Check out that gold foil.

Lara Casey

The first time I met Lara Casey at the V5 Launch Party! She was so, so sweet and it completely made my night.


The first time I attended the SW Gingerbread Barn Building Competition with my friend Emily. Nicole Yang complimented me on my skirt and Lara complimented me on my homemade apron, which you can imagine made me ecstatic!


The first time I entered a SW competition (the same night as the Gingerbread Barn Building Competition, if you can tell by my outfit) by taking a picture with my apartment reindeer and V5.


The time I entered SW's Ornament Swap and made snowmen ornaments with cowboy hats and red gingham bow ties.

The time that I emailed Emily Thomas about applying for an internship and (after this process) she emailed me back saying they'd love to have me join them!


The time I was so excited for my first day of my internship at SW that I put my outfit on my bed in a nice, neat pile before going to sleep. And Instagrammed it. Of course.


The first time I was in a picture on the @iloveswmag Instagram!


The first time Lara took a picture of the Valentine's Day treat I made for the SW ladies and posted it on the SW blog!!


The first time I attended Making Things Happen and Nicole, Kristin, and I were all wearing the same colored pants!



The first time I got to assist in styling a shoot for SW- the very first editorial shoot of V6! Isn't Grace the cutest little thing you ever did see?

SW Last Day

And then, the last day of my internship yesterday. Oh my goodness, it truly is crazy how fast time flies. Throughout the time at my internship, I not only learned how to format Real Wedding Galleries, edit Blue Ribbion Vendor specs, and search for products for editorial shoots. I also learned how to become a more intentional, inspired, driven, focused, and love-centered version of myself. Yes, this internship improved my industry-related skills, but more importantly it improved me. And I cannot thank these ladies enough.

SW Gift

As I was leaving yesterday, I gave each of the ladies a gift and to my surprise, they gave me one too! Clearly, they have come to know me very well because they gave me a pink and white polka dot clipboard that says Jessica is sweeter than mama's tea and a card with their signature statement, Love Never Fails. I am going to use this clipboard so frequently in the upcoming years, and plan to keep this card pinned to my inspiration board above my desk in my room.

I cannot wait to see what the future brings for Southern Weddings. I am going to continue to be one of their biggest cheerleaders, as they have been some of mine for the past few months. I'm going to miss y'all, but cannot wait to keep in touch!