Making Things Happen in 2013- Goal Setting Part 3

Be In Love With Yourself

Y'all, there's only ONE week left until the Making Things Happen conference I am attending in Chapel Hill! I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to attend this conference, meet the other attendees, listen to the speakers, learn from everyone else, and learn more about myself and how to truly make things happen in my life and career this year. Knowing that MTH is only one week away inspires me even more to complete Part 3 of goal setting for Making Things Happen. If you haven't read my earlier steps, read Part 1 here and here, and Part 2 here.

Step 7, the first step of Part 3, asked us to revisit what our core and vision are. After revisiting them, Lara asked us to determine what we are saying NO to in 2013- what is NOT in our 2013 vision. What is or could hold us back from our vision coming to life this year? She asked us to think of 20 things to say no to. Here are my 20 NO's for 2013:

  1. Texting/being on social media when I am at meals when I should be having conversations with friends/family
  2. Answering questions or saying things because I feel like they are what I am supposed to say, things I think will please people, instead of saying what is really in my heart. This one will be hard.
  3. Thinking that I am too young to be a big part of the wedding and event planning and design industry. I am not too young. Since I am younger, I have more time to learn and grow. This is a great thing!
  4. Thinking that I need to act older than my age at all times. I should be myself as I am, now! It is great to be young, I should be in love with how young I am, because it is fleeting.
  5. Spending money on unnecessary things
  6. Giving into other's desires when they do not fit within my wants/needs/or moral compass
  7. Worrying about things that I have no control of
  8. Not leaving enough time for God and church
  9. Spending aimless time on social media instead of being active or spending time with friends/family
  10. So. Much. Pinterest. One of my friends waited for a long time to get a Pinterest account because she said that she thought when she got one, she would no longer have any original creative ideas. Although Pinterest definitely inspires me, I want to create my OWN ideas, not just recreate work that others have already produced.
  11. Feeling too timid to START acting on my dreams because I am afraid that people will not like the products I produce and that all my hard work will not pay off
  12. Saying yes to too many things that I spread myself thin
  13. Thinking that everything I do must always be perfect. As Lara says, progress not perfection.
  14. Eating unhealthy instead of buying groceries
  15. Feeling embarrassed when I do not know the answer to something or how to do something
  16. Not asking questions when I don't know how to do something
  17. Internalizing my struggles
  18. Not feeling as though my friends or family would be willing to help if I ask for it
  19. Judging others
  20. Comparison. Comparison is the thief of Joy -- Theodore Roosevelt

Be In Love With Yourself

Step 8 then asked us the opposite question- what are we saying YES to this year? What things will we do to make our vision really come to life? She asked us to dream big, and think of 20 things we will say yes to this year. Here are my 20 YES's for 2013:

  1. Dreaming big!
  2. Letting myself be creative, always
  3. Allowing myself the time to produce at least 1 DIY project each month
  4. Laughter. So, so much of it
  5. Prayer
  6. Blogging multiple times each week
  7. Being open to all job opportunities, and being open to change
  8. Travel! And being excited to move to a new location to start whatever career I am blessed to have after graduation
  9. Loving and being open to others loving me
  10. Being grateful and appreciative of all that I have, especially times when I am feeling down
  11. Exercising in healthy doses
  12. Expanding my knowledge of the wedding and event planning & design industry
  13. Being goofy, silly, and not caring if others think it's weird
  14. Saying YES to spending time with family and friends whenever they ask
  15. Being open and honest with myself and others
  16. Southern doin's, celebrating and learning about the Southern culture and living in that manner
  17. Teaching others, and learning from others
  18. Giving back to my community
  19. Random acts of kindness, and feeling good about having made a difference in someone else's life without them knowing that it was me
  20. Bi or tri-weekly calls to family members

Teach and Learn

Finally, Lara asked us to pick a word for 2013. One that really resonates with us for the upcoming year. After completing steps 1-8 of this series, it was clear to me that my word for 2013 is openness.

Be Open

Openness to change, openness to creativity, openness to failure if I learn from my mistakes, openness to learning, openness to moving cities and possibly even states, openness to starting the life I want to lead. It is a mindset and a way of life that I am so excited to begin this year, and it fits perfectly with my 2013 vision. So often I find that I am closed-minded because I think that I will fail, think that I am not skilled enough, that I am too young. That thinking will all stop this year. This year, I will be open.