Red and Gold Dinner Design


This Christmas break, I was lucky to have a week-long celebration with my family. Our actual Christmas dinner included my immediate family, grandparents, great aunt and uncle, and one of my uncle's family. Then, the day after Christmas, my other uncle on my mom's side came to visit. And, the day after that, my last cousin on my mom's side of the family came with her boyfriend! It was an ongoing celebration all week, which was such a blessing.

Since those who were not at our Christmas dinner did not have a chance to celebrate with us and eat our traditional Christmas meal, we decided to have another large family dinner once everyone had arrived. This food was honestly more similar to a Thanksgiving meal rather than our Christmas food selection, but it was equally as delicious. And it was shared with family, which is the most important part of the celebration anyway.

I wanted to decorate our table once again, and for this dinner I chose a red and gold color palette. I kept many of the same decorations for the middle of the table, but switched up the menus, napkins, and place cards.



I have always wanted to create a circular menu, and this was the perfect opportunity to try making one! I love the way they turned out.



These place cards were my favorite detail of the dinner design! As many of y'all know, I have a weakness for striped straws and will include them whenever possible. What made this detail so sweet was that my two little girl cousins offered to help me create the flags, and we shared such a lovely bonding moment making memories together while doing so.



The night was absolutely wonderful, and I already miss being surrounded by family! That is why I adore blogging. I get to relive the moments each time I write. I cannot wait to share my favorite family Christmas pictures with y'all in a post soon!