Taking a Look Back at 2012, and Making Things Happen in 2013

Wow. I cannot believe that today is the last day of 2012. I always feel this way at the end of every year, but I'm not quite sure how the time went by so quickly. However, 2012 was one of the best years yet, and I have a lot to look back on and be thankful for. Lara Casey, one of my biggest inspirations, wrote a blog post titled Goal Setting and Making Things Happen in 2013. This particular blog post details the first three steps in her process. The first is to take a look back at what worked in 2012, the second is to take a look at what didn't work, and the third is to think about what fires you up.

In the first step, Lara asked us to make a list of at least 30 things that worked well for us in 2012 and what we were thankful for. I began thinking, and came up with the list below. I will be continuing to work on steps 2 and 3, and will post about them within the week.

Step 1- What Did I Make Happen in 2012? What am I grateful for from this year?

  1. Created my own lifestyle and design blog that I adore writing in weekly
  2. Learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, and used the application to design and create my own logo and banner at the top of my blog
  3. Successfully lived in my first apartment, learning how to deal with various mishaps, like broken appliances, in the process
  4. Finally felt like I developed my core, lasting group of friends
  5. Strived to apply myself academically, and was therefore placed on the President’s list for both semesters in 2012 and accepted into 3 honors and leadership societies
  6. Pursued my love of the events field by researching various wedding planners and designers, and applying for internships with those who I felt I would be a great fit for my individuality
  7. Accepted an internship with a wedding planner and designer, and strived to learn as much as possible and absorb all I could from the internship while assisting her in planning all of the summer weddings
  8. Learned the importance of networking with as many vendors as possible, and creating long lasting, meaningful relationships with those individuals
  9. Discovered that my true passion lies in event design, and more importantly learned to accept and love that it is a part of who I am
  10. Accepted the position of VP of Philanthropic Services for Sigma Kappa at Elon, and successfully planned and implemented six major fundraising events (all styled, of course)
  11. Became a mentor for a younger girl in a middle school close to my university, through the Girls to Empowered Teens program
  12. Voted for the first time in a Presidential Election
  13. Finished all of the classes required for both my Psychology and Business Administration minors
  14. Decided to dedicate more time to painting, and created 14 new pieces
  15. Created and ordered my first set of business/calling cards
  16. Became MUCH more adventurous with food (I like sushi and bacon now!)
  17. Threw a fantastic Christmas dinner party
  18. Applied for and attained an exciting internship for the Spring of 2013
  19. Grateful for: my fantastic university and the education I am receiving
  20. Grateful for: the loving Lord who cares for me, even when I make mistakes
  21. Grateful for: my amazing family, who are my best friends and support system
  22. Grateful for: the sisterhood of Sigma Kappa and all the love, friendship, and leadership opportunities it has brought me
  23. Grateful for: late night chats with my best friend
  24. Grateful for: Front Porch Red Velvet ice cream and Say Yes to the Dress nights
  25. Grateful for: my adorable puppy and the love I get from her when I come home from school
  26. Grateful for: my personal health, and the health of my loved ones
  27. Grateful for: the design inspiration I get to see every day on various wedding blogs that keep my creative wheel turning
  28. Grateful for: the mistakes I’ve had that have made me pause and re-evaluate, and determine ways to improve in those areas
  29. Grateful for: all of the grateful, inspired couples I had the opportunity to work with in my internship, who in turn inspired me to work hard to make their day as special as possible
  30. Grateful for: the opportunities I had to travel to various cities

Lara's third step also asked us to create a Pinterest board dedicated to things that inspire us and will fire us up in 2013. Here's a sneak peak into my board:

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.14.24 AM

What about you? What did you accomplish in 2012? What were you grateful for? Leave your comments below, and/or on Lara's blog post.

I hope y'all have a fantastic New Years Eve! I cannot wait to don my sparkliest dress and drink champagne tonight! See y'all in 2013 : )