Sigma Kappa's PerfEKt Pizza Dinner

Last Tuesday, Sigma Kappa hosted our second annual PerfEKt Pizza Dinner as a part of our Ultra Violet Week benefitting the Sigma Kappa Foundation and Alzheimer's disease research. I touched on it a bit in my last post, but it was a $5 all-you-can-eat style event with pizza and live music. All of the pizzas were donated from local vendors, and we had free Olive Garden breadsticks for the first 60 people!

The pizzas were donated from Papa John's, Domino's, Aramark, Da Vinci's Table, Pandora's Pies, Town Table, Mellow Mushroom, and Little Caesar's. I decided to design this event with a red and white theme in mind. I found these red tinsel drink stirrers that I placed under the name cards in front of each pizza vendor, aren't they fun?!

The first time I saw striped paper straws used in a wedding over the summer, I knew that I wanted to incorporate them into at least one of my events. These red ones fit in perfectly with the design, and of course went well with a can of Diet Coke.

As for the signage, one of my sisters made this pizza chalkboard sign that hung in front of the pizza table, and I made the Bon Appétit frames that we placed on each table. We also placed peppermints around the table for everyone to freshen their breath after eating pizza.

We had two live bands perform at the event. The first was one of my friend's bands, Trip Central, and the group pictured above is one of Elon's all male a capella groups, Rip_Chord. They were both great!

And finally, here's some pictures of everyone enjoying the event!

Thanks to everyone who came to our PerfEKt Pizza Dinner, you all helped us raise awareness and money for Alzheimer's disease research!