Oh Lilly, How I Love Thee

If there's one thing that's certain, it's that I love Lilly Pulitzer, especially during the Endless Summer Sale. Discounted Lilly items? Yes, please. However, Lilly and I had a bit of a love-hate relationship today because the sale was delayed about 12 hours due to some technical problems on their site. I got up in the morning like a giddy little girl on Christmas ready to shop, and had to wait for updates throughout the day to tell me when the site was going to truly be ready.

But, it was absolutely worth the wait. Take a look at what I got, all for $228.45 (in case you're wondering, that's typically the price of one dress. It's actually cheaper than the price of the first dress I bought before it was discounted!)

Allura Dress in Resort White- $248 $59

Wiley Tube Top in Resort White, Shorely Blue, and Hotty Pink- $58 $19 each

Hayes Skirt in Sky Blue- $138 $49.00

Resort Chic Wedge Closed Toe in Gold Metallic- $228 $49

I really wanted this dress, but it was sold out of my size by the time I began to checkout. Oh well, it would've been so cute for a tailgate too!

Franco Dress in Multi You Gotta Regatta- $178 $89

These items are going to make a great addition to the Lilly clothes I have already. When it comes to buying Lilly, I always wait for a sale. I know that I either have to wait until the summer sale or find the pieces at a nicer thrift store, but it's such a good feeling getting an awesome price on one of my favorite brands. Granted, I do typically buy my other accessories like my planners, pencil case, and bags at full price. Those hardly ever go on sale.

I'm so excited to get back to Elon and pick up my package from the mail center! I hope they'll be there on Monday so I can potentially wear one of the items during the first week of class. If you haven't taken advantage of this sale yet, hurry up and do so! You've got a couple more days left until the sale ends, but the good stuff sells out fast!