Favorite Trend: Glitter Desserts

It's no secret that I love essentially anything that sparkles or has glitter. So clearly, I'm quite enamored with the trend of glitter desserts. Edible glitter is probably one of the best inventions that has been created, in my book at least. Here are some of my favorite examples of this trend:

Combining cake pops and a soft dash of glitter is beyond brilliant. I also love the look of how these are displayed with the sticks facing upward as opposed to the pops being served face-up in a container. It's a nice design twist.

These rounded glittering almond sandwich cookies remind me of puffed-up macaroons! Super cute, super festive, and I can think of oh so many reasons to bake these. And design table concepts around them. And eat them.

I saw these non-alcoholic salted caramel ice cream cake shots from Sugar and Cloth on Pinterest and about squealed with joy. They are so much fun! I am also recently obsessed with her blog, you should check it out.

And this dessert is rather easy to make. They'd be perfect for a 21st birthday- even with some cake-flavored vodka splashed in the recipe!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are rounding the corner, and I cannot think of a cupcake that is more festive and perfect to serve than these glittery pumpkin patch cupcakes. Double it with my favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe and you'd have one heck of a cupcake.

Speaking of the holidays, one of the most anticipated holidays (for gifts and sweets) is Christmas. These glittery peppermint macaroons are some of the most fabulous sweets I've ever seen. I've been itching to attempt making home-made macaroons, and if I master that before this Christmas season, you can bet that these will be adorning my family's dessert table.

Not only should you bake with edible glitter, but having glitter toppers for cupcakes, drinks, and other sweets is another alternative that could fulfill your glitter/sparkle fix. I'm sure something similar to this will be making an appearance at one of my philanthropy events this year!

If I could bake with glitter every day, I would. If any of you have other glitter or sparkle sweets ideas, please comment below! I always love some fresh inspiration.