Making Monograms

Since I've started to figure out how to use my free subscription of Adobe Illustrator, I can't stop designing things! Today, I played around with making my monogram on different colored backgrounds. Here are some of my favorites:

Some pinks

Some blues

And a nice minty green.

Can you tell what my favorite colors are? I tried making a yellow one, but the white monogram wouldn't quite show up against that pale of a color. To make these monograms in Illustrator, I simply created a square shape using the rectangle tool and filled in the color of my choice. Then, I added a text box in the center of the square and used the font "Monogram kk sc". I typed the "J" and "M" in size 90, and the "C" in size 130 since the middle letter should always be a bit bigger than the outer two letters.

And that was it! I just switched up the color of the square to change the look. It was extremely easy, and I'm going to continue making other colors. Purples, reds, oranges, etc. I love monograms and I'm sure I'll find some great use for these.