Hiking in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

I've never thought of myself as an "outdoorsy" person. I intentionally skipped out on the camping trips during Girl Scouts, prefer the ocean to the lake, get easily creeped out by bugs, and am eternally grateful for whoever decided that "glamping" (aka- glamorous camping, indoors) is now normal. However, one of the items on my bucket list was to go to Blowing Rock and hike their trail to see the waterfalls. Once I got there, it was like I was a completely different person. We sprayed on our bug spray, grabbed our water bottles, and began the hike.

Well, okay first we stopped at Kilwin's to get some ice cream since it's one of our favorite sweets shops. Mom got chocolate chip, and after some intense menu anxiety I decided on the key lime pie. It was definitely an excellent decision.

After we finished our treats, we started hiking the Glen Burney Trail. It was pretty open at first, but then got narrow, curvy, and steep. It would have been much easier to hike if we weren't concerned about dodging the leaves in case there was any poison ivy!

Once we got halfway through, we reached a small waterfall. Look at the view from the top! That's a steep drop off. After this point, I got really excited and wanted to keep exploring to see what else I could find. I began almost sprinting through the trail in front of mom to see what else the sound of trickling water would bring.

A bit farther down the trail, we came to a small man-made landing where we could stand to take pictures with that first waterfall in the background. Of course I had to throw what I know, the Sigma Kappa symbol that is.

Further exploring led us to THIS. Seeing this waterfall made the hike completely worth all of the interaction with nature. And yes, I did actually enjoy every minute of it. Maybe I'm more adventurous than I thought.

We took this as yet another photo-opp, because how often to you get to take pictures in front of a waterfall? And what can I say, like mother, like daughter when it comes to poses.

When we were through admiring the beauty of the falls, we began this steep hike back up the trail. It was definitely a good leg workout for the day.

Once we reached the beginning of the trail and were back in the main city of Blowing Rock, we decided to do a little bit of browsing in their local shops. I saw this sign hanging and saw it immediately screaming my name. As a girl born in New Jersey who moved to Maryland and then finally settled in North Carolina when I was eight, this quote perfectly describes my thoughts on the South and how badly I wish I was born and bred here!

We had planned to make it back home for dinner, but became to enamored exploring the trail that we didn't get out of Blowing Rock until about 6 PM. So, we got some Panera on our way back. I'll never complain about getting Panera. Here's my typical order- a you pick two with a strawberry poppyseed salad, chicken noodle soup, and a side of bread. Yum :)

Although you probably won't find me going on hiking escapades every weekend, I had a truly enjoyable time today. And I got to check one more thing off of my bucket list:

  1. Go to Blowing Rock with my family.

I'm quickly making moves on this list! Hopefully I'll get even more done tomorrow. Night all!