Contemplating Graduate School

That's something I surely have not considered in the past two years. After I declared my major as Sport and Event Management, I spoke with multiple professors, students in the program, and graduates about the best path to take upon graduation. The resounding answer was to jump right on into the workforce and get the experience necessary to build real-life skills and a strong portfolio. So, that is what I have been focusing on thus far. However, I have been giving a lot of thought recently to what exactly I want to do with my future. So much so that it's making my head hurt and is driving my parents crazy from all of the talking I've been doing this past week. Don't get me wrong, I love event planning. Creating an event that gives another person an overwhelming sense of joy is what drives me to want to continue planning events. But, I want to explore all of my options before I decide that is the path that is truly the best for me and how I picture my ideal life.

Enter: graduate school. My degree in Sport and Event Management, with a double minor in Business Administration and Psychology has been the perfect fit for my undergraduate career. It has opened my eyes to what it is honestly like to be an event planner, has allowed me to gain an understanding of the business aspect of the workforce, and has taught me how to best interact with the people I encounter while working. Is that enough, though?

I've recently discovered that I also have a love of the design element of event planning, as well as a joy of writing and explaining events through story. Unfortunately, my current major and minors do not offer courses that would provide me with the trained skills necessary to explore those interests. Lucky for me, my school is the bee's knees and has a one year, fast paced program called the M.A. in Interactive Media program (iMedia for short). Once I started reading the descriptions of the courses offered, I literally felt like a giddy little girl again. I want all of the skills the program could teach me, as they're skills that I've been desperate to learn for quite a while now.

Doesn't that description sound fantastic?

Of course, there are some pros and cons to applying for this program versus finding a job after graduation. The major pros would be that I could finally develop the skills I've been itching to learn, that these skills would provide me with a  competitive edge, and that I could have some more time to figure out exactly what I want to do for my career.

The top cons would be that it would be the more expensive option and that certain companies might still hire me without completing this program, making it an unnecessary time and money expense. However, I'm not positive that the latter is true, and I am certain that this program would provide me with that extra competitive edge. So, if this is the path I choose, I've just got to find a way to pay for it!

I've sure got a lot of thinking to do over the next few months. I'm going to keep praying that once I further explore all of my options, I'll realize exactly how I want to spend my life, and which career fits best with that plan. Overall, I want to find something that I love doing each day, something that makes me feel like a useful human, and something that makes me proud and happy down to my core. Here's to hoping I figure that out sooner rather than later!