A Visit From Uncle Joe

My favorite youngest Carella uncle came into town today! Ya see what I did there? That's a trick I learned from my grandma. You can always call someone your favorite this or that by making it very, very specific. For instance, I'm her favorite first born Clinch granddaughter. It works out quite nicely- no one gets their feelings hurt! So anyway, my Uncle Joe came into town just for the day for business. He was free until dinner, so we spent the day in Greensboro. I arrived a bit early to contact a few more stores for the silent auction, and had some success! I also did a liiiitle bit of shopping, but really had to restrain myself in some of the stores. I only made one purchase today- a set of plastic cups from a Lilly Pulitzer store called Palm Avenue that say

"If you like Southern women raise your glass, if not raise your standards."

I've always loved that quote :) And now I can raise that glass each time I drink out of it!

After I was through doing my sponsorship/sales work, we all met up at a frozen yogurt shop called Red Mango. I had never tried this particular shop's frozen yogurt- but it was awesome. They had some really great flavors, including one that truly tasted like Coca Cola! I decided to go with the classic peanut butter because it was so darn good.

I topped it with a smorgasbord of goodies including oreos, cookie dough pieces, reeses peanut butter cups, yogurt chips, brownie bites, and chocolate syrup. It definitely wasn't the healthiest thing I've eaten in a while, but it sure was one of the tastiest!

When everyone was through with their pre-dinner dessert, we headed back to the Proximity Hotel where my uncle was staying. It had a much more spacious lounge area that was more condusive to chatting and catching up. We talked about my internship, his adorable little girls, our plans for Thanksgiving, and much more.

Here's a couple of pictures of the two of us. I wish that last one was less blurry- I really like it! It would've made a great Facebook profile picture, I need to update mine anyway. Oh well!

After a brief visit, we sadly all had to say goodbye. But, he's coming back with his sweet little munchkins next month, so it wasn't goodbye for long. I can't wait to see them again they're growing up so fast, y'all. I just want to freeze time and keep them at their current ages.

When we got home, mom made one of my favorite dinners- a pan seared chicken dish with a roasted grape tomato and honey topping. And after that, I convinced her to watch Bachelor Pad with me. Oh how I wish I could date Mike Stagliano. He's so sweet AND funny. Unfortunately that probably realistically will never happen. Hopefully he'll stay on the show for a while though. Do any of y'all watch the show? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this season. Let me know in the comments below! Night all :)