Free Mason Jar Printable Labels Via Limeshot Design

Be still my heart- this website offers free printable labels to go on mason jars! Oh, goodness. This is going to make storing and serving my baked goods so much more fabulous. I can even potentially use them to showcase the different toppings at my ice cream social and cupcake bar event that I'm planning for Sigma Kappa in the fall!

Limeshot Design offers tons of pre-made labels like these that are great to simply print out on card stock and adhere to your mason jars with glue dots (PS- if y'all haven't heard of glue dots yet- check them out. They're a life saver in the RRE office!). Isn't that honey label as sweet as can be(e)? Ha. I crack myself up.

They also provide some blank labels that are free to download so you can add your own description of the food you're storing in the jars. This last one would be just perfect for an individual sized blackberry pie or crumble, don't ya think?

In addition to the labels for the top of the jars, Limeshot Design has also made bands to fit around the body of the jars! This way, you can see what you've got inside from both angles. It's just perfect.

Oh, I just love it when I find something reeaally good on Pinterest like these free printables. Thanks so much Limeshot Design! I'll make sure to post pictures of how I use these labels for my own jarring and event design soon! Night all :)