Meredith + Geordie's Wedding at Wait Chapel and Deacon Tower

My favorite thing about today's wedding was the story of how the couple met and how they carried it through in their details. Meredith and Geordie, both Wake Forest alums, met at the Orange Bowl years ago. In order to celebrate their meeting, the two chose to get married on Wake's campus and include an orange in their wedding logo and in multiple details of their event design.

The Mother of the Bride crafted these adorable programs that were passed to guests before the ceremony. Loving the little orange slice on top!

In lieu of a traditional guest book, Meredith and Geordie created two cards- "A Little Ditty About Geordie and Mimi" and "Guest Mad Libs" for the guests to fill out however they saw fit. The cards will be placed in a handmade book by one of Meredith's friends!

Here's a closer look of the cards. You can even see their wedding logo in the top left corner!

Before the ceremony began, the groomsmen and minister gathered together for a prayer. I'm so glad I was around to take a picture of this beautiful moment.

After the ceremony at Wait Chapel was through, guests were invited to the Deacon Tower for the reception. Everyone got to enjoy an awesome meal of fajitas, a mashed potato bar, and various mini-treats. Then, they got busy signing the cards I showed earlier! Take a look at those lovely bridesmaids' bouquets too. The colors were a perfect fit for their orange themed wedding.

Once everyone was through enjoying their meals, they immediately headed to the dance floor. Meredith changed out of her fantastic wedding gown into this cute little Lilly Pulitzer number that was more appropriate for dancing the night away. The newlyweds led the guests into a soul train that looked like so much fun!

After the soul train, the band played the song "Shout" and everyone more-than-willingly participated by getting a little bit softer and louder as demanded by the lyrics.

During some of our down-time, Ellie (the other intern) and I got to hang out by the dance floor and interact with some of the guests. We learned that many of the guests graduated from Wake Forest along with Meredith and Geordie. And, to my surprise, one of the guests had graduated from Elon! I was so excited to meet a fellow Phoenix. He was even wearing an Elon tie, it was great!

Once everyone was just about danced out, we led them outside to grab sparklers to prepare for Meredith and Geordie's exit. There were still plenty of guests remaining at the end of the night, and the sparklers were the longest sparklers I've seen thus far. So, needless to say, this was one of the grandest exits I've witnessed in my internship experience.

I had the good fortune of waiting with Meredith and Geordie before they ran through their sparkler-holding friends and family. They kept saying how happy they were and how much they enjoyed themselves, which is the biggest sign of a great wedding. I was just happy I got the chance to make their night special! Overall, it was for sure a success.

Congrats Meredith and Geordie! And night all :)