Vacation Time!

Ahh I love being on vacation. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast at my internship. But, sometimes it's nice to take time to unwind and not think about anything important. I finally finished my online financial accounting class yesterday at noon, which is making this vacation about a thousand times better. I've got an entire week to myself, and I started off the week perfectly by heading up to Elon to visit everyone (hence my lack of a blog post yesterday). A lot of people were back this weekend, and it was great to be able to catch up after about two months apart. Especially with Legin and Mary who were abroad for the beginning of the summer! We all hung out at one of our friends houses and grilled some turkey burgers. Not the coolest plan for one of the warmest days of July, but it was still a tasty choice.

Then I packed up and came back home, just to turn around and drive 9+ hours to come up to New Jersey to visit some of our family. We finally made it here around 9 PM and had a nice relaxing night sitting out on the patio furniture by the pool. They just got a new boxerdoodle puppy and he's such a cute little thing. They just got him yesterday, and he's still in the stage of getting acclimated to the family and house where he essentially naps and cuddles all day. It's great.

I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing this week, but I'm envisioning a lot of pool time and grilling time. Well, my uncle grilling and me eating his food. And tons of hanging out with these people-

Meet all of the Clinch-Carella cousins :) We're all together this weekend, except for the two little girl nugget cousins who live in Florida. I hope my brother never sees this post, because he'll probably yell at me for posting this picture of him. Sorry!

We're off to bed, but I'll post more of our activities throughout the week. Night all!