Alex + Jarmella's Wedding at Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts

Tonight's wedding was hands down one of the most lively and entertaining weddings I've helped plan thus far. Alex and Jarmella became Mr. + Mrs. MacDonald tonight and were surrounded by their loving friends and family. Check out some of the details!

I can't tell y'all how obsessed I am with Jarmella's shoes. I've seen these perfectly sparkly Kate Spade lovelies all over Pinterest lately. The glitter, the peep toe, the bow- they're so much fun!

The RRE team got busy setting up the reception area at Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in downtown Winston-Salem. It was such a cool, modern venue and the apple green and lavender colors were really sweet together.

While we were setting up, Chloe from Cakes by Chloe delivered this gorgeous wedding cake. Want to know an internship perk? I got to have a taste of the cake later in the evening after all of the guests had their fair share. Boy was it good! It was a lavender cake with a lemon buttercream icing. Such an interesting combination that I would never think to personally try, but it was delicious!

I couldn't get any pictures of the ceremony, but after it was over the guests were invited to gather in the foyer for a cocktail hour. This was the fantastic cheese table, catered by Holly Tate Fine Catering.

Doesn't this sound yummy? I've been dying to try apple butter lately. I've never had it and it just sounds so interesting to me.

After some photos with family and friends, Alex and Jarmella made their way to the balcony to be officially announced as Mr. and Mrs. Alex MacDonald! I'd love to be announced on a balcony :)

Once the new couple joined the guests, everyone gathered on the dance floor to dance the night away. The DJ really knew how to play for this crowd! They danced to the Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble, and Dougie. Told ya they were lively!

At the end of the night, everyone gathered around the stairs to say goodbye to the newlyweds.

And they sure did exit in style! They both changed into a different departure outfit that had sass and flair. I loved Alex's fedora and Jarmella's pretty open-back lace dress. I just wish I could've gotten a more focused picture!

Alex and Jarmella, best of luck to the two of you. It was a pleasure planning and preparing your wedding today! Have a wonderful honeymoon!