Charleston Vacation, Day Two

Today was filled with so many adventures! And I got to take plenty of pictures, so this post may be a tad bit long because I want to include most of them. Mom and I woke up early so we could enjoy the breakfast provided by our bed and breakfast. It was absolutely delicious.

I started off with some grits, eggs with cheese, fresh fruit and a glass of OJ. These were all very good, but I was anxiously awaiting the fresh biscuits that were being prepared by the chef! So of course I asked mom to snap a few pictures while we were waiting.

Think I could be a model for breakfast foods or orange juice? Yeah probably not haha. And then of course when we did get our biscuits, they were just so darn good that we ate them before taking any pictures. Oh well! After breakfast we headed out to the porch to relax for just a few minutes. Luckily the weather was much nicer this morning. Here's me and my lovely mom!

And take a look at our bed and breakfast in the sunlight, its much prettier. I even got to get a picture with a horse drawn carriage tour which added a nice touch. Mom and I decided to take one of these tours later in the day too, but I didn't get any pictures of us with the horses this time.

Charleston has this awesome market in the middle of the city with a bunch of different vendors. I remember going there the last time I visited, and mom and I decided to go check it out again this year. Once inside, you can find people selling jewelry, hand crafted baskets, paintings, and much more. I bought my first cowboy hat and I was SO excited about it.

There was also a man inside the market making freshly squeezed drinks, which sounded so refreshing on this warm day. Mom got some lemonade and I got an Arnold Palmer. I was definitely a happy camper.

The drinks kept us satisfied for a little bit, so we decided to do some more exploring closer to the water. There was a lovely little park area with a cool fountain shaped like a pineapple- definitely another photo opp!

Then we tried on some silly hats. Think this one's Carolina Cup worthy?

And wandered over to King Street once more to check out the shops even though we didn't actually buy anything. But, the J. Crew is opening tomorrow so I know we'll definitely be going back.

After all of that, we were finally getting a little hungry. I knew I wanted some Southern style food, so we went to Magnolia's. And boy was it good. We got a fried green tomato appetizer with all the works-

I got the shellfish with grits-

And mom got a parmesan encrusted flounder dish. All of them were phenomenal!

After lunch, we went to see how long of a wait it would be to take a horse drawn carriage tour. It was going to be about an hour, so we went back into the market to buy this cool cheese trays we had seen earlier. The vendor takes empty alcohol bottles and melts them down into serving trays, they're so neat! I got one made from a peach tea Firefly bottle.

We then went back to get ready for our tour, which was very insightful. The tour guide has lived in Charleston for fourteen years, so he knew a lot about the history and explained it all in an enthusiastic and interesting manner. After the tour, we went to a frozen yogurt bar called CeCe's Sweets. If you are ever in Charleston, you must must must go here. It is hands down the best frozen yogurt I have ever tried. The yogurt was so creamy it was insane! Mom and I both ordered pineapple and cheesecake, and I topped mine with some fresh blueberries, strawberries, and graham cracker crumbs.

Once we left the frozen yogurt bar, we noticed a Kilwin's store. Kilwin's is one of our favorite places to get sweets, so of course we had to go inside. We sampled a few different flavors of fudge, and ended up getting a bar of the sea salt caramel fudge. It's just magical how good a sweet and salty combination can be.

We were getting a bit tired after walking around all day, so we went back to the b&b and enjoyed the porch for a little bit. I also had to submit some homework for the internship I am completing this summer, so I took advantage of the nice breeze outside to complete it in a leisurely manner. Once we felt rested, we went back upstairs, got changed, and headed out to dinner. As if we needed any more food today. We went to an Italian restaurant and ordered some lighter meals since neither of us were really all that hungry after our eating spree all day long. But of course, we ordered a dessert and I'm pretty glad we did. It was a lemon panna cotta with strawberries and it was beautifully presented.

And now, we're back at the b&b and we're going to watch Steel Magnolias before going to bed. Night all!