Hey there!

Hey everyone! So I'm not even sure who all will end up reading this, but the other night I decided that I really wanted to create a blog to keep track of my daily activities and thoughts. As simple as that is, I know that I want to be able to look back at this blog in months or years to come to regain memories of the little details of my life that I might have otherwise forgotten if I had not created this blog. Hence the name, Simply Jessica Marie.

Today I have some really exciting things to post about. I left early this morning for a quick vacation with my mom to Charleston, one of my favorite areas to visit in the South. We truly lucked out with this vacation. Thanks to Groupon, we're enjoying a two-night stay at the gorgeous Palmer House in the historic part of the city. Funny fact about that? This was actually my favorite house when I came to visit four years ago! Just take a look at it, it's fantastic!

Hardly anything beats the charm of this place. I love walking through the historic part of the city and looking at the various architectural designs of the houses. Although I love the ornate buildings that line Church Street, one of my favorite streets is Rainbow Row. You'll quickly understand where it gets its name.

Unfortunately the weather was a bit overcast today, so the pictures are a little dark. But I'm crossing my fingers for some sunny weather tomorrow. Mom and I still made a day of it. We leisurely walked through the historic neighborhood and then headed over to King Street where all of the shops are. Since it's a Sunday, the majority of the stores were closing as we arrived. We still had a chance to do some window shopping which is always nice!

Then, it started to rain so we headed over to Hyman's Seafood for some dinner. In honor of National Iced Tea Day, I started my meal with a glass of sweet tea. It just felt more appropriate to order sweet tea since we are in the South after all.

Our waiter suggested that we order the Carolina Delight with crab cake as an appetizer, claiming that it is the best appetizer on the menu. We couldn't say no to that! And I'm sure glad we trusted him because it was absolutely delicious. This appetizer was a lightly fried grit cake with a crab cake, both covered in a creamy garlic alfredo sauce and seasoned with cajun spices. This was the first time I have tried crab cakes and I know it will not be the last.

I decided that I wanted to continue trying new menu items, so I ordered a shrimp po boy for my main meal. If you really know me, you're probably incredibly shocked at the amount of fried food I ate during this single sitting. But, I do have to admit that it was exactly what I wanted. The po boy was even better with some of Hyman's home made cajun mayo.

The meal was fantastic, and the experience was even greater thanks to our adorable waiter. He brought us a plate of hush puppies with our appetizer, and I'd like to think it's because he thought I was cute too. That could very well be all in my head though. Too bad I wasn't adventurous enough to leave him my number on the check! I've always wanted to do that buuut unfortunately I wimped out this time.

And as if that wasn't enough food, we came back to the bed and breakfast with chocolate chip cookies waiting in the lobby. Just a fair heads up, I'm probably going to be writing about food quite a lot during this vacation. I'm looking forward to some good Southern cooking tomorrow. Oh, I just love the South. Well, that's all for tonight. I'm going to relax and watch some TV with mom. Night all.