Etsy Shop Products Story

I am a firm believer in selling products that serve a purpose and have a story. To sell products that I truly believe will inspire others. And I am excited to share the story behind each of my products with you today!

When I started to truly brainstorm ideas that mean something to me, I began to realize that what brings the most joy to my heart is inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest, and to be true to their core. To bring a daily reminder of what I learned at Making Things Happen into the daily lives of others, but through my own words.

Inspirational Letterpress Art Prints

I have always been in love with good quality paper and beautiful typography. So, my first idea was to dream up a few sayings to transform into inspirational letterpress art printsAfter MTH, the biggest messages that kept ringing through to me were to allow everything you do be inspired by love and to be truly passionate and purposeful in your life. Those became my first two prints. 

My third print was inspired by my first project in the photography class that I took the last semester of college. We were asked to create our six word mantra. To sum up our ideals in six simple words. That is how "color life with love and curiosity" was born. To me, it represents that you should always maintain positively curious about life to keep it colorful, interesting, and full of love. I love my letterpress prints. Not only do they inspire me, but they are so soft to touch and the soft colors are extremely soothing and calming when I am feeling frazzled.

Monogrammed Canvases
Simply Jessica Marie Pink Striped Monogrammed Canvas Styled.jpg

Throughout the months, I kept jotting down things that fired me up. It was coincidentally during the same time period of big-little crafting for my sorority, and one of my g-littles asked me to craft a monogrammed canvas for her little-to-be. Of course I leaped at the chance to paint, and really enjoyed the outcome of what I made.

I then remembered something I saw on Emily Ley's website saying that she loves monograms because they remind her of her family- her background. That struck a cord inside me, and brought a whole new meaning to the "trendy" way to display your initials. I then decided I wanted to create monogrammed canvases for others to be proud of where they came from. To see the canvas every day and thank the Lord for the loving family that raised them. 


I thought that I was just going to sell those two types of items- the inspirational letterpress art prints and the monogrammed canvases. But there was more in store for me and my little shop.

One of my friends from school who graduated a year before me was visiting and came over to my apartment. She saw the my "the best things in life aren't things" and "home is where you are" paintings I had created that were hanging above my couch, and said that she loved them and would buy them from me.

I laughed, said thanks, and brushed it off as something nice that she said, but a silly idea to sell. Until about a month and a half later when I was sitting with my mom, and a lightbulb inside my head went off. I do love those paintings and the meaning behind them. If I love them, and if my friend loved them, then maybe others would as well!

The sayings are ones that I have adored for years, and ones that I hope will encourage others as they see them each day in their home. I hope that the paintings will allow others to truly focus on the people in their lives and homes more so than the things. It is so easy to get caught up in the material objects in our lives or our jobs, and it is oh so important to remember at the end of the day to cherish the people we share our lives with above all else. 

I already have so many more ideas of other products I want to include in my shop. But for now, I am excited to share these prints and paintings with y'all! PS, remember to enter my SJM Launch giveaway here for a chance to win a gold Day Designer! Please note that since it is a January Day Designer, it will not ship until October 1st. But, what a better way to bring in the new calendar year than with one of these pretties!!