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5 Tips To Add Personality to Your Wedding Invitations

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I always love creating custom designs that are a visual portrayal of my couples' unique love stories, so that they become heirloom keepsakes that will be cherished for generations! Pieces that you will excitedly frame in your home alongside that stunning wedding portrait and your great grandma's monogrammed handkerchief.

But, when you're thinking through exactly how to add personality to your wedding invitations, it might leave you scratching your head. To help, I'm sharing five of my top tips for creating custom wedding stationery here with you today!

5 Tips to Add Personality to Your Wedding Invitations by Simply Jessica Marie

PS - I've created a custom wedding personality workbook guide for you to download below! The fun worksheets included will give you space to jot down ideas as you read through this post.

Tip One:

Think about what is most important to the two of you.

This one might sound simple, but it is where you should start! What do the two of you truly value in life? Do you absolutely love your job? Are there hobbies, activities, or date nights that y'all do together regularly? Do you have a pet you're obsessed with? Is your faith super important to you? Is there a family tradition you want to incorporate?

You might be thinking, "But Jessica, we're not that interesting...we mostly just watch Netflix together!" Trust me. That is what happens most nights here in the Peddicord household as well. But when you start thinking through the prompts above, I promise you'll uncover some truly fun ideas!

How can you then incorporate those personal ideas throughout your wedding invitations? My favorite way to do so is through a custom wedding crest! A symbol of your relationship that can contain these various icons in a beautiful, artistic way.

A crest that you can add to all of your wedding design details, from your save the dates and invitations all the way through to your menus and cocktail napkins!

Custom Watercolor Wedding Crest | Savannah Invitation Suite by Simply Jessica Marie | SC Stockshop Photo

photo by SC Stockshop

Tip Two:

Design your invitations not only with yourselves in mind, but also your guests.

While your invitations are a reflection of your personalities and love story, I also love thinking of them as gifts to your guests. Pieces of art that they'll want to keep, rather than toss in the trash after they've mailed in their response cards.

So, how can you keep your guests in mind through your invitation designs? I love recommending two ideas:

Idea One:

Add a beautiful art print on the back side of your invitation piece. Something special for the two of you, but universal enough that all of your guests will cherish it as well, and will want to keep it!

Think: calligraphy of a portion of your first dance song, a watercolor painting of Rainbow Row in Charleston if that's where you're getting married, or a beautiful floral illustration featuring one of the flowers you'll carry in your wedding bouquet.

Custom Watercolor Magnolia Charleston Wedding Invitations by Simply Jessica Marie | Photo by Shalyn Nelson at Bloom the Workshop | White Sparrow Barn

photo by Shalyn Nelson

PS - The reason why I particularly love adding an art print to the back of your invitation is because it is likely going to be a 5"x7" size, which is a commonly available frame size - making the likelihood of your guests framing this piece even higher (and easier for them)!

Idea Two:

Add a custom wedding map to your information/accommodations card! If you are having a destination wedding, or even if a handful of your guests are visiting from out of town, a watercolor wedding map of your wedding city will not only be a beautiful piece of artwork, but also a helpful guide for your guests!

Make sure to include both icons and landmarks that are relevant to your wedding weekend (ex: your venues) and places you'd recommend for sight seeing during free time (ex: your favorite date night spots, restaurants, parks, and shops!).

Custom Watercolor Wedding Map | Savannah Invitation Suite by Simply Jessica Marie | SC Stockshop Photo

photo by SC Stockshop

Tip Three:

Blend personality with classic details.

Often times, I will hear hesitations from clients that while they would love to go all out with bold colors and illustrations on each piece of their invitation suite, they're nervous about the reactions of their parents and grandparents.

I always recommend finding a happy compromise with your loved ones (especially if they are hosting your wedding). Ask them for their opinion, while also sharing the heart behind some of your design decisions.

Custom Watercolor Magnolia Charleston Wedding Invitations by Simply Jessica Marie | Photo by Shalyn Nelson at Bloom the Workshop | White Sparrow Barn

photo by Shalyn Nelson

How do you find a happy compromise? Blend a more traditional invitation with fun and personality-filled information/accommodations cards and response cards!

Your invitation is like the star of your suite. If your parents would prefer a classic, calligraphy and delicate floral focused design that features letterpress or foil and a clean layout - know that clean and classic can still have personality, too. Let's make those florals be the same ones you'll carry down the aisle! Or, the ones you grew up growing in the garden with your mom.

Ask their opinion about adding an artistic design to the back side of the invitation for a compromise, but listen to their concerns if they say no. We can add more personal touches to your other invitation suite components! Wedding artwork should be fun, not stressful :)

Tip Four:

Use a color palette you actually like.

These colors will be surrounding you not only during wedding planning and your wedding weekend, but also for decades to come through photos and artwork displayed in your home. 

Custom Watercolor Floral French Blue and Lavender Wedding Invitations by Simply Jessica Marie | Photo by Amy and Jordan Photography

photo by Amy and Jordan

How do you pick colors unique to the two of you? Make sure you use colors that y'all actually love - rather than what is trendy. What colors appear most throughout your home decor and wardrobe? That's a good place to start!

Are there colors that have stuck with you since you were little - maybe the color of your front door that welcomed you home every day, or a school color? Don't be afraid to use a unique color or two. They can always be softened by complementary or neutral colors!

Trust me - one of my regrets from our wedding was not incorporating orange into our palette (one of Zack's favorite colors, because of his alma mater, The University of Tennessee). If we have a vow renewal one day, you can bet it will be in our color palette then, likely paired with beautiful blues and other citrus tones like grapefruit, peach, and pink!

Tip Five:

Consider details that will last longer than your wedding weekend.

There is a stereotype that investing in wedding artwork may be silly, because it's "just one weekend." I love dispelling that stereotype! If you truly infuse your personality into your wedding artwork, those pieces of art will be ones you can easily and proudly transition into your home decor as newlyweds, too!

How can you transition your wedding details into your home decor? Some of my favorite ideas include having custom pillows created featuring your wedding crest or floral pattern, and art prints or original paintings featuring your wedding map or venue illustrations!

photos by SC Stockshop and Vitor Lindo Photo

Take a couple tips from my own home decor: display your wedding welcome sign or program canvas on an entryway table, and showcase your watercolor wedding portrait in your living room or bedroom! 

(PS - we had our guests sign the mat of our frame as our guest book alternative, and love seeing the names of our friends and family each time we pass by this painting in our home!)

photos by Callie Lindsey and Perry Vaile

Do these ideas have your wheels turning? I hope so! If you'd like a place to jot down all of those ideas, I have created a custom wedding design workbook for you to download below! Promise it's simple and easy to use, but will really help as you're trying to narrow in on artwork and design ideas.

Adding Personality to Your Wedding Design | Free Workbook Download | Simply Jessica Marie.

Dive into that free download above, but let me know in the comments below: what other wedding artwork tips do you want to know? What questions do you have? I'd love to help!

The Perfect First Anniversary Gift for the Year of Paper: Custom Calligraphy Vow Sets

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How do you find the perfect first anniversary gift? There can be a lot of pressure added to that first gift to showcase your continued love for your sweetie! Add the fact that it "should" be a paper gift for your first anniversary - how do you find something "paper" that is still nice?

Well friends, I have a fun solution for ya! Enter: Custom Calligraphy Vows.

Earlier this summer, the sweet Emily of Southern Weddings reached out to me about calligraphing the vows she and John exchanged during their wedding ceremony for a shoot they were going to feature on the SW Blog. I loved this idea, and I love Emily, so naturally I said yes!

Thank you so much to the sweet and oh so talented Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography for capturing these gorgeous photos of Emily and John's custom watercolor brush calligraphy vows!

Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography
Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography
Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography

Your vows are the sweetest words you will ever exchange to one another as a couple, and they lay the foundation for your marriage. Throughout seasons of life, it is important to let those words of love and endearment continue to leave a mark on your heart and guide your thoughts and actions. Custom watercolor brush calligraphy wedding vows are such a gorgeous way to both serve as this daily reminder and to create heirloom pieces you can display in your home and pass down through the generations!

Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography
Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography
Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography

I can't thank Emily enough for these sweet words! 

"The vows turned out more beautifully than I could have imagined (thank you, Jessica!), and they feel like the perfect artwork for the spot where we lay our heads. I love being reminded of our promises first thing in the morning and last thing at night!"

Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vow Sets 16x20 by Simply Jessica Marie Featured on the Southern Weddings Blog and Photographed by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography

Have you been looking for a way to turn your vows into sweet heirlooms? I would love to design a set of custom calligraphy wedding vows for you, friend! Visit the Custom Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Vows Set listing in the SJM Wedding Shop to read more about the vow set details and how to commission a set of your own! I cannot wait to read the sweet words y'all exchanged (or plan to exchange!), and turn them into beautiful artwork for your wedding day or home.

PS - Husbands, these make wonderful anniversary and holiday gifts, and are sure to earn you major hubby points!

PPS - Love these darling gold frames as much as I do? They are from the amazing custom framing company, Framebride, and the SW ladies have an amazing offer just for their readers! Head to the Southern Weddings Blog to read more and receive your code to save! These frames are Framebridge's classic gold Richmond frame, for reference! 

How to Assemble Vintage Stamps

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Earlier, I shared a blog post about my favorite sources for wedding postage. My favorite vintage stamps? They're from Verde Studio

How to assemble vintage stamps | Vintage stamp assembly | My favorite vintage stamps | Wedding postage stamps | Vintage postage stamps from Verde Studio | Simply Jessica Marie

While the question about where I source my vintage stamps is often the first question I receive, the follow up question is always - how do I assemble vintage stamps on my wedding envelopes? I normally assemble the vintage stamps for my brides, but if you are assembling them on your own - I wanted to share my top 3 favorite tips with you today!

How to assemble vintage stamps | Vintage stamp assembly | My favorite vintage stamps | Wedding postage stamps | Vintage postage stamps from Verde Studio | Simply Jessica Marie

tip 1: individually tear your postage stamps

Like current post office stamps, vintage stamps come in "books" - aka sheets of stamps. Rather than the peel-and-stick style postage books, many vintage stamps are perforated sheets that simply need to be torn into individual stamps. 

When assembling your wedding invitations, I recommend tearing your stacks of vintage stamp books into individual postage stamps. This will make your overall assembly process much faster! If I'm working on a small order (ex: shower invitations with a quantity of 25 or less), I may opt to simply tear as I go. However, for orders over 25 - I always like to tear them individually first to save time in the long run!

Some vintage stamps do come in the more modern peel-and-stick style - so I leave those in the full booklets  and peel as I go, since their adhesive is stickier!

How to assemble vintage stamps | Vintage stamp assembly | My favorite vintage stamps | Wedding postage stamps | Vintage postage stamps from Verde Studio | Simply Jessica Marie

tip 2: choosing the best layout

Once I have my postage stamps individually torn and in piles based on stamp style, it's time to select how my postage stamps will be organized on the mailing envelopes. Virginia (the owner of Verde Studio) is so amazing, and sends her recommendations about layout when she sends your order! But if you're determining your postage stamp layout on your own, here are my tips:

  • Arrange them from the largest stamps on the right hand side of the envelope, to the smallest stamps on the left. Not only is this a pretty aesthetic - but it also allows more room for envelope calligraphy in the center of your envelope!
  • Stack horizontal stamps on top of each other. This tip is a space saver - especially if you're using $0.90 worth of postage and have to fit 5-6 stamps per envelope!
  • Consider color - while I always like to use the size rule as my guide, it's also important to consider color when arranging your stamps! When possible, mix lighter colored stamps between any dark colors to add white space, and avoid putting two of the same colored stamps next to each other.

Pro tip: After you've selected your vintage stamp layout, physically organize your stamp piles in this order on your desk! This will help speed up your assembly process, and will take the guess work out of which stamp to grab next.

tip 3: use a glue stick

If you've ever held vintage stamps in person, you may remember that the back sides have a slightly gummy adhesive. However, they are not incredibly sticky, and the vintage stamps themselves more often resemble thin paper than a coated stamp.

One of the more traditional ways to assemble and adhere vintage stamps to envelopes is to take a sponge, lay it on your desk, and then dab your adhesive side of your vintage stamp on the sponge, then attach it to your envelope. The water is supposed to activate the gummy adhesive. I've done this in the past, and it's a tad messy, pretty time consuming, and not always reliable (some of the stamps started curling up after a while).

I've also tried using a double sided tape roller, but that is also a bit time consuming, and doesn't allow all of the edges of the stamps to seamlessly stick to your envelopes.

So, my go-to way to assemble and adhere vintage stamps to envelopes? Glue sticks! Yep, that's right, old school Elmer's Glue Sticks - the disappearing purple kind. Don't worry, the purple doesn't discolor the envelopes if you accidentally get some outside the stamp area!

This trick is definitely the fastest and most secure assembly option - and it usually only takes one or two swipes of the glue stick per stamp based on the stamp size! I use the larger 0.77 oz size, which helps with making less swipes on the stamps!

*Please note: the peel-and-stick vintage stamps do not need glue sticks - their adhesive is strong enough to simply stick to the envelope without any extra help! 

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any other vintage stamp questions for me, let me know and I'll answer them in another blog post! I'll be writing one soon about how to leave enough room on your envelopes for envelope calligraphy when using vintage stamps, and can't wait to share more about that! 

This post contains affiliate links, however the thoughts are all fully my own! I would still share this blog post and recommend these sources without being an affiliate!

Custom Watercolor Crests are now in the Shop!

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Custom watercolor crests are one of my favorite ways to showcase personality and honor family. While I have traditionally painted watercolor crests for custom wedding invitations and day-of details, I am SO excited to offer this boutique service to y'all, so that you can have an heirloom crest of your own - whether you have an upcoming wedding, have been married for years, or want to give the gift of heraldry to a loved one!

Custom Watercolor Wedding Crest by Simply Jessica Marie | Peach, Pink and Blue Georgia Wedding Crest | Custom Watercolor Crest


The intricate icons we'll use will represent your personalities, as well as your love story and/or family story!

The beautiful thing about custom crests is that, while most commonly used in wedding designs, they can and will last throughout the years as family heraldry. You can proudly hang your crest painting in your home, and can get creative with the other ways to use your design! 

I'll be blogging about my absolute favorite ways to use custom watercolor crests soon - but for now click the button below to take a look at some of my go-to ideas and how to commission a crest of your own!

The amazing thing about these custom watercolor crests is that by commissioning one, you will receive both the digital file for unlimited use of your crest as you desire, plus a fine art printed piece in the size of your choice!




While I adore fully designing, printing, and assembling the custom stationery for my sweet clients, I know that not everyone is in need of full-service design! This is my fun way of still getting to create custom art for you, and I cannot wait to see how you choose to use your custom design!

Curious about what icons to include in your crest, which monogram to use, and even what information to put in the banner at the base of your crest? Don't even fret for one second, I've got all of those details in the listing in my shop! Simply click the button below to read more!

That sweet little shop listing also has all of the information about our design process, timeline, and pricing options. Of course, if you have any questions after reading through the listing, feel free to email me and we can chat!

Custom Wedding Stationery Guide by Simply Jessica Marie | 3 top tips for ordering custom wedding stationery | Printable worksheets to help organize your custom stationery design process! | SC Stockshop

photo by the SC Stockshop

Want to be the first to know about fun new wedding announcements like these custom crests, so you can be the first in my commissions list and design calendar? I'd love for you to sign up below, and as a treat I'll send you my Custom Wedding Stationery Guide with 3 of my top tips for ordering custom wedding stationery plus printable worksheets to help organize your custom design process!

Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links for the SC Stockshop. I absolutely adore using Shay's amazing styled stock images to enhance my brand aesthetic, and would 100% still do so without affiliate links!

The Best of the South Wedding Awards!

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Y'all know how much I adore Southern Weddings. I interned for them in college, was their blogger bride last year when Zack and I were engaged, had our wedding featured on their blog, had a sweet SJM Bride's wedding featured on their blog, have collaborated with them on a fun calligraphy vows anniversary gift shoot, and am a Blue Ribbon Vendor with them!

I LOVE supporting them and cheering them on in any way I can, and they are going above and beyond to love on sweet Southern wedding vendors! And, I could truly use your help!!

The Best of the South Wedding Awards by Southern Weddings

The Southern Weddings ladies are hosting The Best of the South Wedding Awards, AKA "The Pineys" - because the awards are gold pineapples! How cute is that?

Over the past few years, I have truly adored getting to know and design for so many sweet couples across the South. Nothing makes me happier than chatting about their relationship history, what they love doing together as a couple, what they are most looking forward to about their wedding and (most importantly!) their marriage, and what they are most nervous about that I can help them with both as a vendor and a former bride. Taking all of those details, and visually infusing them into the intricate painted pieces in their custom wedding stationery to create truly unique heirlooms!

Pineapple Wedding Invitations | Southern preppy Charleston wedding invitations | Custom watercolor wedding crest with pineapple | Custom wedding invitations by Simply Jessica Marie | Photo by Jose Villa for The Mrs. Box

photo by Jose Villa for The Mrs. Box

I have also loved getting the chance to work with so many amazing fellow vendors - collaborating with them on both real weddings and fun styled shoots! It's safe to say that the majority of my friends are fellow wedding vendors, and life would not be as interesting and fulfilling without them!

So y'all, if we have worked together in the past, are currently working together now, or if you simply love following along on my blog or social media, I would LOVE your help!! It would mean the absolute world to me if you took just a moment to nominate me for The Pineys under the "Best Paper Goods Vendor" and/or the "Best Calligrapher" vendor category!

For easy reference, my website is and my email is :) 

Nominations last until May 14, and then the top voted vendors go into the finals category!

Since I love love love my vendor friends, I would also truly appreciate it if you'd vote for your favorite vendors in all of the other categories, too! Let's share the love, y'all!