Why I Joined Young Living

Earlier this month, I decided to make the switch to a simpler, healthier lifestyle by joining Young Living, a company that is committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of essential oils.

Before I share why I joined Young Living, I want to address the virtual elephant in the room: Yes, Young Living is a networking/multi-level marketing company, and I am a member!

That means that if you purchase through me, I will make a small commission on your order (I want to be totally transparent about that!). However, just like with any art or business products I share here with y'all (whether I'm an affiliate with them or not), I only share products that I really use, honestly believe in, and know you'll love using, too! If essential oils aren't your jam, no feelings hurt - just click out of this post :)

This post is simply a way to share a bit more about our personal life (because I truly want you to get to know me & my family as a part of my business, that's what makes it a real small business - us!), my health & wellness journey, and how YL will also allow me to become a more relatable business owner and teacher!

Why I joined Young Living by Simply Jessica Marie

For the past couple of years...

There's this funny thing that happens when you hit your mid-twenties: you feel like you're finally settling into your body, and then your body decides to laugh and say - oh wait, I'm going to change a few things!

It's as if all of the things that frustrated me when I was a teenager decided to creep back into my life a decade later.

- An itchy, dry scalp? This time - it's not just annoying/embarrassing dandruff, but also constant unbearable itching that distracts me from work, sleep, and everything in between.

- Breakouts? Not nearly as bad as when I was younger - but more often than I'd like to have at this stage in life!

- Digestive issues? I have always loved cheese & dairy products. Too much cheese seemed to bother me when I was in high school, but got better in college/the years following. But over the past couple years (most significantly since the start of 2018) - my body hasn't been loving the types of food my taste buds constantly crave. Something isn't balanced quite right - and I'm working to figure that out.

I've always thought...

I've always thought that "caring for your body" was a thing you focus on when you have kids: when you have someone else relying on you.

I'd see my friends post about switching to clean beauty products or changing their eating habits and roll my eyes thinking, "I'll focus on that later - drug store makeup & pizza each week works for me!"

...why have I thought that for these past few years? Aren't I worthy of a healthy lifestyle as I am right now?

The moment I decided to invest in myself as a person, and in the wellness of our little family (it's just me, Zack, and our pup Oscar for now!) - I stopped rolling my eyes and opened them to how easy it is to make the switch to a simpler, healthier lifestyle.

Enter Young Living

My sister-in-law has loved Young Living for years - ever since I've known her! I'd hear her talk about how life changing the oils and products are, but I always assumed oils only smelled good, not that they would actually do anything.

Boy was I wrong.

Last month, Casey & Kristin (my brother-in-law & sister-in-law) reached out to me and Zack about trying essential oils.

Zack and I talked it over, and decided to give them a try! I wanted to see if they'd help my frustrating health issues, and was also curious to see if they'd improve the bad allergies that both Zack and Oscar have been experiencing this summer (Dallas summers are no joke!).

So, we grabbed the premium starter kit (which comes with their most popular oils and a few lifestyle product samples), a bottle of Citronella (because I get mosquito bites like it's my job), and I went cold turkey and ordered all new makeup to make the switch from CVS products to a safer, cleaner alternative!

Why I joined Young Living by Simply Jessica Marie

I was shocked...

I started out slow for the first few days, simply smelling the oils first before diffusing anything (mostly to acclimate Oscar to them since you need to start slow when using oils around dogs - more on that soon!), using the lipstick first before trying out all of the makeup I ordered, and adding a tiny toothpick amount of peppermint oil in my water for barre classes.

At first, things just seemed pleasant. 

Everything really did smell amazing, I felt refreshed and energized when drinking peppermint water, and I LOVED how colorful the lipstick I chose was!

But I was still nervous that everything was simply "nice" rather than life changing like Casey & Kristin said. (Admittedly, I really hadn't tried that much yet to make that judgment call!)

Until I started seriously using the lavender oil.

Oh. My. Word. There are literal angels in that bottle of oil! (Okay not literally, but you get the idea!)

This past Sunday, my head was itching to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore. So I texted Kristin to see if she had any ideas about which oil would help my scalp - and she sent me some examples of lavender & coconut oil masks that apparently helped out others with similar issues!

It sounded like fun, but I was impatient from being so itchy and wanted a quick fix. 

So I put a few drops of lavender oil in my palms and massaged it into my scalp - and I'm not kidding when I say the itching stopped in less than 30 minutes! I was SO shocked!! It was the first time in months that my scalp wasn't uncontrollably itchy - I almost cried tears of relief!

Then the next day, I got a mosquito bite - and decided to put a drop of lavender oil on it to see if it would stop the itching there like it did on my scalp. And that time it worked in less than 15 minutes!

After that, I was officially convinced: essential oils aren't just for smelling pretty - they really, truly work.

i still have so much to learn...

Knowing how incredible I feel after using the lavender oil to treat my itchy skin & scalp has motivated me to research more about the benefits of the other essential oils! And y'all I still have so much to learn.

- I'm excited to see which oils help my digestive issues (I've heard the Peppermint Vitality and Digize oils from the starter kit are great for this!) and general immune support (I'm LOVING a drop of Thieves Vitality oil in my coffee - it tastes like Fall in a cup!).

- I can't wait to see how my skin reacts to the cleaner makeup products (hopefully I won't have as many breakouts!).

- I'm hopeful that some of the oils even help to purify the air in our home to help Zack and Oscar breathe better!

The best part is that this new "hobby" of mine isn't just fun for me, but it will also help to greatly improve the health and lifestyle of our little fam!

I'll be documenting our journey to a healthier lifestyle on my new Instagram account, @thesimplylifestyle, if you want to keep up with me over there! 

your own journey to a healthy lifestyle!

If you're interested in learning alongside me (yep, I am building a team and would be SO excited to have you!!), I'd be overjoyed to walk through this wellness journey together! Because things like this are always more fun with a friend, right?

You can learn more about joining my Young Living team here, and feel free to comment below or send me an email if you have any questions!

I'm happy to be your accountability buddy - and I'm super friendly so even if we haven't officially met yet, know that I'd honestly love to get to know you :)

what does this mean for sjm?

Don't worry, Simply Jessica Marie isn't going anywhere! In fact, I have really amazing plans for a new design service, more art prints, more wedding weekend products, and a fun new way to switch up the SJM Art School. If anything - SJM will be growing this year!

But, I do think that being a Young Living member will honestly help me grow as a business owner and teacher.

Why? Because being a distributor is basically like starting another entrepreneurial path. And it's my hope that starting something fresh will allow me to better understand and connect with those of y'all who are just starting out in your businesses or artistic paths! To better tailor my educational posts & tutorials to you, because I'll get it again, too.

Sometimes it's easy to forget the beginning phases of business when I've been running SJM for 5 years, and I always want to be as relatable and connected to you as possible!

Have any questions for me? Leave a comment below - I'd love to chat :)