The Simply Lifestyle

Hey friends, I’m so excited to officially introduce The Simply Lifestyle to y’all! If you're new around here, I’m Jessica, and I’m a multipassionate artist, wife, friend, dog mama, and barre enthusiast. While you may follow along with my business account (@simplyjessicamarie), I wanted to start The Simply Lifestyle Instagram account (@thesimplylifestyle) as a way to further connect with y’all on a personal level!

The Simply Lifestyle by Simply Jessica Marie

Amanda Donaho Photography

Zack and I dreamed up The Simply Lifestyle earlier this year while we were watching our little pup Oscar run around our favorite local dog park here in Dallas. It came from a place of wanting more of what we were experiencing at that moment: a simplified, balanced lifestyle.

As an artist, I can get so absorbed in the work that I love, but it is so important to remember that our work as artists is only a portion of who we are! Just as we tend to our creativity and artistic growth - we should also tend to the other facets of what make us a well-rounded individual.  I know that work-life balance can be a mystery for creatives, so I wanted to create this account to document my journey (well truly, our journey as a family!) of growing into that simplified, balanced life.

So, what can you expect in the new Instagram account and here on the blog? Lots of fun! I’ll be sharing tips about how I’m planning my days to include time for work and personal care (think: a new morning routine, how to positively and confidently end your work day, etc.), simple but fun date night ideas, insight into one of my biggest goals: how to be a better more caring friend, a behind the scenes of how our family is transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, my favorite barre workout tips (like how to accurately “tuck” your hips!), and of course - lots of Oscar photos! 

So y’all, that’s me! Now I’d love to know a little bit more about you: outside of work, what is your favorite hobby? I asked some friends last month and LOVED their answers, so I’m excited to hear yours! Let me know in the comments section!

Mine? I’m hoping to finally grow my green thumb this summer and tend to a small herb garden!