The Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales for Artists and Entrepreneurs

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! With all of the incredible sales happening this weekend, it can be hard to sift through all of the tempting J.Crew ads to find sales that will really help your business grow.

So, I thought it would be fun to put together a roundup post of all the best Memorial Day Weekend sales for artists and entrepreneurs!

Here are the sales I'll personally be shopping:

The Best Scanner for Watercolor Paintings

the best scanner for watercolor paintings

no coupon code needed

The exact scanner I use for all of my watercolor paintings and brush calligraphy is currently on sale from Amazon Prime! It's under $80, making it such a steal.

There are a lot of expensive scanners out there, and trust me - I tested many of them before falling in love with this one!

It's the best scanner for watercolors that I've found (no need for extra photography/film-specific features like the more expensive models), with the best scanning results hands-down.

And on Amazon Prime - you can get it for free shipping and have it in just a couple of days, such a win!

The Contract Shop 40% Off Sale

the contract shop 40% off sale

no coupon code needed, ends 5/28

It's that time of year - The Contract Shop is having their semi-annual 40% off sale!! This is the time when I always stock up on any new contracts I need.

This year, I asked Christina to create a contract bundle specifically for us multifaceted artists. Artists who offer original paintings, custom stationery, and/or calligraphy. A bundle that groups together all the contracts we'll need in a way that doesn't break the bank!

The bundle includes:

  • Fine art commissions & custom paintings contract template
  • Custom calligraphy or stationery contract template
  • GDPR compliant terms & conditions and privacy policy template
  • Print Release (what I send my clients any time I send them the digital files of their art)

And since it's 40% off, this is a deal that truthfully should not be missed - because the entire bundle of all 4 contracts/templates is just $479.40 (normally $799, and valued at $1214).

Y'all - just ONE of the full priced contract templates on their own is $455. Doing the math - you can get all 4 of these contracts/templates for only $24.40 more than the cost of one contract sold separately at full price!

Go ahead, do a little happy dance - I know I did!!

Watercolor Supplies

free shipping + 10% off at blick art supplies

coupon code: CENP

When I'm not shopping at my local art store, Blick is my go-to for high quality watercolor art supplies at affordable prices. They always have great deals!

This weekend, they're offering free shipping if you spend $39, plus 10% off orders of $79 or more!

If you've been meaning to pick up new paint tubes, brushes, or paper - now is the time to do so!

Here are a few of my favorite tried-and-true watercolor supplies:


framebridge white hot frame sale

take 20% off white frames with code whitehot until 5/29

Framebridge is my go-to custom framing company, and y'all always love their frames! If you're looking to professionally frame your art for your own home - or if you need to frame artwork for a client - this would be the perfect weekend to do so!

Framebridge is offering 20% off all white frames with code WHITEHOT through Tuesday, 5/29.


SJM Art School Vectorizing Bonus

no code needed, expires 5/30 at 11:59pm EST

I couldn't end this post without sharing Memorial Day Weekend excitement of my own!

All students who enroll in the SJM Art School Semester Bundle today through Wednesday, 5/30 at 11:59pm EST will not only receive all of the incredible 4 core courses and their amazing bonuses...

But you'll also receive a NEW bonus: my image trace formula for easily vectorizing calligraphy & line art designs!

The bonus won't just be the formula - it will be a bonus video where I walk you through all the steps I take to easily & cleanly vectorize my designs!

While I do not vectorize my watercolor paintings (I digitize them, not vectorize them - and I'll be sharing a blog post explaining the difference between those two processes this week!), I do vectorize the black and white traces of the artwork I create for a few reasons:

  1. Anytime I send a design to production for letterpress or foil, the elements that are pressed/stamped need to be vectorized.
  2. If a client needs their design in a black & white fully scalable format for something like a wedding gobo.
  3. If I were to design custom branding for a creative (a service I used to offer), and wanted to provide them with both the watercolor versions of their designs and the vectorized artwork - in case they have letterpress business cards printed!

If you've been dying to learn how to digitize your watercolors and vectorize your artwork, now would be the perfect time to become an SJM Art School Semester Bundle student!!

*Please note: this bonus will only be available to students who enroll in the entire Semester Bundle, not in the individual classes. The bonus will also be sent to all Semester Bundle students who have previously enrolled!

I hope this Memorial Day Weekend sales guide for artists and entrepreneurs is helpful for you as you're considering the investments to smartly make in your business this weekend!

If I missed any big sales that you're shopping for artists and entrepreneurs - leave a comment below to share with all of us!