How to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop | A Stationery Tutorial

Earlier this week, the SC Stockshop launched a new stationery styled stock collection with four new fall colorways. And of course, they're gorgeous!

How to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop | A Stationery Tutorial | Video Tutorial by Simply Jessica Marie for SC Stockshop

If you've taken a look at the new collection, you'll notice that most photos come in a set of 3 total files that you'll receive! 

In your set you'll receive:

  • One image with invitation paper styled in
  • One image with no paper and negative space
  • A Photoshop file containing smart objects for easy design insertion over top of the blank paper.

And that has led a lot of us to ask - what are smart objects and how can we use them?

How to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop | A Stationery Tutorial | Video Tutorial by Simply Jessica Marie for SC Stockshop

Truthfully, before the SC Stockshop stationery set launch, I didn't have much experience with smart objects! But when I opened up my first Photoshop file from their new collection and realized just how easy it was to use these smart objects - I was FLOORED! 

So of course, I knew I had to make a video tutorial showing y'all just how simple it is to use smart objects in photoshop to showcase your stationery designs! Seriously - the video is only about 5 minutes long, and it really took me a minute or less to actually create the photo! So. Simple. 

Watch below to see what I mean!

I think my favorite aspect of these smart object photo options is that the shadows cast from the paper are just so realistic! I always create drop shadows in Illustrator when I use styled stock images without smart objects (you can watch a video tutorial about that here!), but this is even more realistic looking!

I also love that I can simply use the PDF file of my stationery (remember to hide any crop or trim marks first!) rather than having to create a clipping mask of the design! Less steps needed = more time saved.

Once you've finished adding in your stationery, remember to save your file in your preferred file format! I love .png files, but you could also use a standard .jpg!

After you have your file saved, you can use it to:

  • Showcase client proofs (my couples love getting to imagine how their designs will look once they're in real life - even before we send them to print!)
  • Share the designs on social media (no worrying about having to style your own photos before you get the photos from their wedding weekend!)
  • Grow your online portfolio (these photos are SO realistic looking that they can seamlessly blend in with your portfolio!)

So friend, which photo(s) will you grab? The new collection is full of such beautiful neutral palettes that are perfect for using with a variety of client designs. There are only 10 of each photo available, and a lot of them are already almost sold out!

Here are the photos I personally bought:



I cannot wait to see which photos you grab and the gorgeous designs you display! Have a question? Comment below and I'll be happy to help!

Please note: There are affiliate links in this blog post. However, I would still share this same post and recommend the SC Stockshop without being an affiliate - I truly believe in the business-changing power of her images!