The Best of the South Wedding Awards!

Y'all know how much I adore Southern Weddings. I interned for them in college, was their blogger bride last year when Zack and I were engaged, had our wedding featured on their blog, had a sweet SJM Bride's wedding featured on their blog, have collaborated with them on a fun calligraphy vows anniversary gift shoot, and am a Blue Ribbon Vendor with them!

I LOVE supporting them and cheering them on in any way I can, and they are going above and beyond to love on sweet Southern wedding vendors! And, I could truly use your help!!

The Best of the South Wedding Awards by Southern Weddings

The Southern Weddings ladies are hosting The Best of the South Wedding Awards, AKA "The Pineys" - because the awards are gold pineapples! How cute is that?

Over the past few years, I have truly adored getting to know and design for so many sweet couples across the South. Nothing makes me happier than chatting about their relationship history, what they love doing together as a couple, what they are most looking forward to about their wedding and (most importantly!) their marriage, and what they are most nervous about that I can help them with both as a vendor and a former bride. Taking all of those details, and visually infusing them into the intricate painted pieces in their custom wedding stationery to create truly unique heirlooms!

Pineapple Wedding Invitations | Southern preppy Charleston wedding invitations | Custom watercolor wedding crest with pineapple | Custom wedding invitations by Simply Jessica Marie | Photo by Jose Villa for The Mrs. Box

photo by Jose Villa for The Mrs. Box

I have also loved getting the chance to work with so many amazing fellow vendors - collaborating with them on both real weddings and fun styled shoots! It's safe to say that the majority of my friends are fellow wedding vendors, and life would not be as interesting and fulfilling without them!

So y'all, if we have worked together in the past, are currently working together now, or if you simply love following along on my blog or social media, I would LOVE your help!! It would mean the absolute world to me if you took just a moment to nominate me for The Pineys under the "Best Paper Goods Vendor" and/or the "Best Calligrapher" vendor category!

For easy reference, my website is and my email is :) 

Nominations last until May 14, and then the top voted vendors go into the finals category!

Since I love love love my vendor friends, I would also truly appreciate it if you'd vote for your favorite vendors in all of the other categories, too! Let's share the love, y'all!