Lavender | Color Cocktails Watercolor Tutorial Series

I don't know how y'all are feeling at the end of this week, but I could sure use some rest and relaxation as we head into this weekend! Luckily, our painting subject and color of the week will help provide us with a dose of calming beauty!

How to paint watercolor lavender! Fun and free watercolor videos by Simply Jessica Marie! Learn to mix new colors each week and paint with that color! | SC Stockshop

photo by the SC Stockshop

To me, both the scent and sight of lavender whisks me away to a French countryside - where birds are chirping and the only care in the world is which aged cheese would pair best with the white wine I'm sipping. As we get into the color psychology portion of this video you'll learn why, and determine how to best use this color throughout your paintings!

And because I love lessons that build upon one another, we're also implementing our lime green color from last week into our practice piece this week!

Want to learn alongside over 150 sweet budding artist friends? We'd love to have you!! Each Friday, I'll be teaching a 15 minute watercolor video tutorial. In the lessons, I cover how to mix a unique color (no typical color wheel colors here!), a bit of the psychology behind that color and how to best use it in your paintings, and I'm even sharing a quick and sweet practice piece, so you can follow along and continue painting throughout the week!



Upon signing up - you'll receive two key emails from me first, before receiving these watercolor tutorials! Because friend, I want to set you up for success before having you dive straight into painting!

The first email will include my 3 favorite tips for infusing art into your busy schedule - so you can find the perfect time to practice alongside us in our weekly practice series! I don't want to add any stress to your plate, so this guide is truly helpful for getting you started on the right foot!

The second email (which may be my fav!) includes my go-to art supplies list, with a printable shopping list! It has recommendations for my favorite paper, paint, paintbrushes, palette, etc. - along with where I love buying my supplies!

Then, you'll start receiving your weekly watercolor tutorial lessons each Friday morning! I cannot wait to dive into a unique color concoction with y'all each week, and learn alongside you!

photo by the SC Stockshop

I cannot wait to see the beautiful lavender and other paintings y'all create this week after watching our first tutorial! 

 If you practice along and share on insta, make sure to use #sjmcolorcocktails and tag @simplyjessicamarie in your post, comments, or insta stories so I can see and cheer you on!!

Here's to learning together, friends!

Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links for the SC Stockshop. I absolutely adore using Shay's amazing styled stock images to enhance my brand aesthetic, and would 100% still do so without affiliate links!