I'm speaking at the Creative Hub Conference

Later this month, I'll be speaking at The Creative Hub Conference! My sweet friend Carrie Grace is putting together the online conference, and it is going to be so incredibly amazing, y'all!

The Creative Hub Conference

Creative Hub is a live online conference for creative entrepreneurs, boss ladies, and business owners who want to stop spinning their wheels and start moving forward in big ways. It's for women who have big hearts, big dreams, and endless amounts of passion to impact others. 

DATES: MAY 17-19



The topics that are going to be covered in Creative Hub are so incredible, and ones I wish I had the chance to learn more about when I was in my first couple years of business, all the way through today. You can bet I'll be listening live to each speaker!

The speakers will be talking about topics ranging from how to create a passive income, 3 top productivity tools and how to use them, the ins and outs of a product based business, how to hire an amazing team, the power of storytelling and how to use Instagram to market & sell, setting manageable but big goals, and so, SO much more!

Creative Hub Conference

Best part? You'll be watching the teachings live, but you'll also get all of the recordings...


I am a huge fan of in-person workshops and conferences, and truly value all of them! But I seriously love that Callie is bringing all of these amazing speakers together in a more affordable setting, so that y'all can learn the tools to drive your business forward - and all from the comfort of your home with a glass of wine in hand ;)

So, what will I be talking about? Y'all, I'm so excited about this topic. My talk will be all about how to build creative confidence and tackle your inner perfectionist. 

Through my SJM Art School survey (which you can take here if you haven't yet!), I found that many of y'all have the same concerns about your creative journeys. One of the biggest concerns? Having a lack of confidence.

Feeling like you're not talented enough, feeling like your current abilities won't allow you to have paid clients, feeling like you're not unique enough, etc. - all relating to a lack of confidence in your abilities and listening too deeply to your inner perfectionist. Many of y'all shared that your lack of creative confidence is even holding you back from taking that first step to learn about your hopeful favorite art form!

I truly get it. My inner perfectionist still looooves to creep up while I'm creating new artwork. Oh - you really want to share that much of your heart and personality with others? Do you really think they are going to adore and value it as much as you do? Honey, please.

In my talk, I'm going to chat through actionable steps as well as psychological practices you can do to overcome your inner perfectionist and build the creative confidence that will allow you to truly get excited about your artwork and eager to share it with the world!

I would love to chat about this with y'all, and listen to all of the other speakers talk about their amazing topics together. Join me, won't you?

PS - as if this conference couldn't already be too good to be true, I'm giving away 2 free tickets on my Instagram today! Head to my insta page to learn how to enter!

Here's to education, moving forward in our businesses and lives, and doing so together!