The 2 Best Online Courses for Facebook Ads and Instagram Strategy

Ohhhhh Facebook and Instagram. I have an interesting relationship with these darling platforms. Instagram has always been my best friend. It comes naturally to me, I love brainstorming strategies that are natural yet effective, and it is hands down my biggest referrer for my business. 

Facebook on the other hand is a bit of a confusing beast. In full transparency, I have lately just been sending my Insta posts to my business Facebook page, and using that platform mostly to engage in a handful of local networking groups and stationery communities. I understand the incredible power of Facebook ads, but for the longest time I just simply didn't understand how to use Facebook ads

The 2 best online courses for Facebook Ads and Instagram strategy

While Facebook is confusing for me, and Instagram comes naturally, I know the opposite flip side is true for many people! Or, maybe both platforms are equally confusing! That's why I would love to share my two favorite online courses for Facebook Ads and Instagram strategy with y'all today. To help take all of the guesswork and stress out of social media, and to help you see real results from using these platforms!

PS - I've got two exclusive discount codes for each course that I'm sharing below!

Social Leads Facebook Ads Course by Sarah Evans

Social Leads Facebook & Instagram Ads Course


discount code is valid through March 3, 2017, and applies to both
full payments and payment plan options!

Before taking Sarah's Social Leads Trial Course, I had searched through blog posts and short tutorials to try to make sense of the overwhelming yet truly valuable world of Facebook Ads. I attempted to take what I learned to create a couple of ads for both my online shop and my custom wedding stationery business, but each ad fell short with little to no results and lots of time and money wasted.

It wasn't until I took the time to invest in fully understanding the ins-and-outs of Facebook Ads and my Power Editor through Sarah's course that I realized how I could use them to make a real impact in my business!

I now have a handful of Facebook Ads prepared to launch to attract new clients to my newsletter for future course, product, and service launches; have pixels in place to capture potential leads for my online art school; and most importantly feel confident and in control of how my ads will directly impact my sales. 

When is the course, and when is enrollment live? The course enrollment is open now! It lasts until March 3, and the course will begin after that!

Who is this course for? Sarah made this course specifically for wedding professionals. So, if you are a photographer, wedding planner, videographer, DJ, venue, baker, caterer, or another wedding professional, this course is for you!

What do you receive? There are 9 video modules, a number of resources and a Facebook group for support any questions you may have. When running your Facebook + Instagram Ads, questions will come up. Sarah will be there in the course Facebook group to help you along the way. 

How long do you have access? You will have lifetime access to all of the course material!

Are there payment plans? There are! You can either pay $299 today or $119 over the next three months.

There is a money back guarantee.

Takeaways from Social Leads:
• The ins + outs of your Ads Manager
• Everything you need to know about the Facebook Pixel
• How to setup up a Facebook Campaign from start to finish
• How to use Standard Events and Custom Conversions to optimize your return on
• What Custom Audiences are and how to leverage them to lower the cost of leads
for your business
• Why email marketing is important and secrets for creating leads from new website
• The process of creating a solid sales funnel, landing page anatomy, and how to
properly refine your processes
• How to use Facebook + Instagram ads strategically

The Action Classes by Megan Martin | Live Instagram Summit



discount code is valid through March 7, 2017

My sweet friend Megan Martin is one of the most authentic (like....actually authentic, I'm not just using that word!) yet strategic Insta ladies I know. She is launching her Action Classes oh so soon, and is kicking them off with a live online Instagram Summit in just a couple weeks.

Megan has gathered ten amazing speakers to talk about using Instagram from every angle to effectively market your creative business and generate leads and sales from Styling & Shooting to create better images, Help with Copy, Finding Your Ideal Client, Using Insta Ads & Stories strategically, and a whole lot more! 

The wonderfully talented speakers include Kat Schmoyer, Shay Cochrane, Tyler McCall, Lauren Carnes, Alisha Johns, Meredith Staggers, Reina Pomeroy, Maghon Taylor, Sarah Evans (yup - the lady leading the Social Leads course!), and Jeff and Erin Youngren.

What are the details of the Summit?

  • Live online workshop
  • You will have access to the recordings! 
  • March 5-7, 2017
  • 11 speakers covering The 101, Finding Your Ideal Client, Shop Talk, Creating Compelling Images, Using IG Stories & Ads, Monetizing the Platform, Getting Real & a whole lot more! 

And don't worry, you will get access to the recordings if you can't make it live! But you must grab your spot before March 7th to tap into our amazing lineup of speakers and content! 

I hope y'all find these two resources to be incredibly useful!! I cannot wait to hear what you think and how the Social Leads course and Instagram summit directly impact your business. I have personally gone through the Social Leads course, and will be attending the summit live alongside y'all. So if you have any questions at all - feel free to let me know and I am happy to help!

This blog post contains affiliate links and codes. I will receive a small percentage of the sales made with my unique discount code. However - please note that I wholeheartedly believe in each of these educational resources, and would still share them with y'all even without an affiliate association!