5 Best Black Friday Sales for Creatives

Happy Black Friday, again!! I am SO excited to share 5 of my absolute favorite Black Friday sales with y'all today, specifically for creative entrepreneurs and artists. Most of these sales only come around once a year, and will make a huge impact on your business throughout the rest of this year and into 2018! 

Of course, as we head into Small Business Saturday tomorrow, I also wanted to say thank you oh so much for your amazing support of my small business this year! All of the artwork I create is for y'all, and in return you keep me continually inspired to be a better artist and businesswoman. And for that, I am forever thankful!

Alright y'all - now time for my favorite sales roundup!

The 5 Best Black Friday Sales for Creatives, Artists, Shop Owners, Stationers, and Calligraphers | Simply Jessica Marie

5 best Black Friday sales for creatives

The Contract Shop | 40% Off

I'm sure you've heard it time and time again - it is absolutely necessary as a business owner to have a solid, professional contract. But I know, I know. It can be daunting to even know where to start, right? Most lawyers have hardly any experience with our creative industry, so they don't know how to begin making contracts for us.

That is why I LOVE my friend Christina Scalera's The Contract Shop. Christina is both a creative, and a lawyer - aka, a lawyer for creatives. She GETS our industry, because she's in it, too. She listens to our needs, and creates contracts contracts that set us up for success and protect us and our clients.

And today through Monday, her entire shop is 40% off. She only has this sale twice a year, and this is the last time for 2017!

Make this year the year you get "legit" with a professional contract, tailored to you. Whether you're an artist, calligrapher, stationer, photographer, wedding planner, workshop host, or any other gamut of creative - she has contracts for just about everyone. Click below to see which best fits your unique business!

SC Stockshop | 40% Off - Ends Tonight!

Are y'all tired of me talking about how much I love the SC Stockshop yet? Sorry, because I'm going to do it again!

I can't even begin to express how many ways I use SC Stockshop photos.

  • I use them to display my shop products (saving me SO MUCH MONEY AND TIME from hiring a photographer to do a photoshoot each time I launch a new collection)
  • I integrate them in my social media (perfect for posting in a pinch!)
  • I even use them throughout my client price proposals (I've had clients RAVE about how beautifully mine stand out compared to the other artists they were considering!!)
  • And I use them to display client design mockups so they can confidently see how their invitation suites and paintings will look far before they get to see them in person (it gets them both excited for their pieces, and calm because they can envision how they'll look once printed - much more realistic looking than a mockup on a solid colored background!)

Shay also only has this sale twice a year, with this sale being the last one of 2017. All of her photos, including the amazing brand builder sets, are 40% off through tonight at midnight with code STOCKUP40 at checkout!

Once a photo is sold out, it won't return to the shop - so grab your favorites ASAP! Then begin to have fun playing with your new "toys" as I like to call them :)

PS - Want to watch tutorials about how I use SC Stockshop photos before investing in them? Click here to read and watch all my free trainings! 

Adobe Creative Cloud | 20% Off - Ends Tonight!

I literally use my favorite Adobe programs (Illustrator and Photoshop) daily. As an artist and stationer, I need these programs in order to professionally scan and edit my artwork, as well as create stunning layouts for printed products and web graphics.

If you've been considering taking the leap and investing in Adobe Creative Cloud, now is the time to do so! They're having a 20% off sale that only lasts until tonight, and won't be back until next year!

I personally have the entire cloud rather than investing in individual programs, because I do use some of their other programs (like inDesign) on occasion, too. It's much more affordable as a bundle if you want more than 2 programs! Plus, they're always updating the programs and you get free upgrades with Creative Cloud. SO nice.

ConvertKit | Free 30 Day Trial

You've probably heard the saying that you don't own your social media followers, but you do own your email list. And not to beat a dead horse - but with all the algorithm changes and the looming Net Neutrality act potentially disappearing on Tuesday (meaning people might have to pay more to access social media) it couldn't be more true that email is king. 

Earlier this year, I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit. And y'all I could not be happier that I did! This email marketing platform is insanely smart and powerful, but simple to use. 

I use it to segment my subscribers into different groups (really important since I have different emails that I send to artists, artists specifically interested in the SJM Art School, brides/wedding vendors, and more - that way I don't bug people with emails they simply don't want so they don't hit that dreaded unsubscribe button!)

I also use it to create forms throughout my website and social media that allow y'all to easily sign up for freebies and exclusive trainings - and instantly get access upon entering your email address.

And today through Monday, you can sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial - something they pretty much never offer and truthfully won't again for a looong time! That way, you can test it out, get nerdy with making subscriber lists and awesome forms to get your followers to sign up for your newsletter, and fall just as in love with it as I have.

Don't miss this opportunity to grow your online business!!

Blick | Up to 30% Off + Free Shipping

Blick is my go-to online shop for all art supplies. They by far have the widest selection of art supplies, from watercolor paper to watercolor paints, paint brushes, paint palettes, and SO MUCH MORE. It's essentially my equivalent to my J.Crew obsession, but for art supplies!

Use code WKD2017 through midnight (CST) 11/27/17: 15% off $69+, 20% off $99+, 25% off $159+, 30% off $239+, free shipping on $25+! 

My personal favorite pick from the sale? These Arches Watercolor Paper Pads, which are 50% off (no code needed!). Arches is the creme de la creme of watercolor paper, and this is an insane deal!! I've never seen it this affordable.

To see even more amazing deals, click the link below!

Other Amazingly Mentionable Sales

Well y'all, I couldn't just stop at 5 awesome Black Friday Weekend sales. Here are some (incredibly) honorable mentions that I know y'all will love, too!

I hope you enjoy these Black Friday sales for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, calligraphers, and shop owners! Hopefully they're a fun treat for yourself - but also spark some ideas of what to get as gifts for your creative friends this year, too!