The Contentment Challenge | January

Does anyone else feel a sigh of relief come over them when embarking in a new challenge? Like ahhhhh...I finally have the structures and guidelines in place that I have always internally craved but never knew how to put in place on my own! That's how I'm already feeling about the Contentment Challenge, and it's only January 4th! I promise (y'all can hold me accountable!) that this mindset and way of life will not fizzle out in a month. This one is sticking, y'all. 

If you're new to the Contentment Challenge, you can read my original blog post about it here, where I dive into my guidelines and goals for the challenge. Today, I want to chat specifically about my plans for January!

The Contentment Challenge 2017

photo by Kirstyn Marie Photography

I'm following my friend Kat's structure for the challenge, so this month is all about generosity. It is all about being completely thankful for what we have, and understanding that it is enough. Honestly, that what we have is more than enough, and that a lot of it would be better served in someone else's life! With that said, our challenge for this month is to purge, give, repeat.

I am going to take that challenge in two parts - one with our closet (mostly mine, but I'm going to try to convince Zack to join in with me!), and one with my art supplies and office items! 


I already have a big bag of clothes from when I went through my closet over the summer. I tried selling them both on Instagram and Poshmark, and did sell a handful of pieces. But it's been months, and that bag is still sitting in the corner of our closet. I am going to go back through all of my clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories, and add to that bag! 

I'm then going to divide the pieces into two categories. One will be going to Wake Forest students who have been sent to the hospital for sexual abuse. The hospital requires their clothes to be kept as evidence, and they are requesting donations of comfortable, casual clothing for the students to wear home. I can only imagine what it must be like to be in their shoes, and want to help them in any way I can. I'll be donating any jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and comfortable clothing to them. I'll then make a second pile of any dresses or fancier/flashier items and donate them to Goodwill. These upcoming couple of weekends are full of travel, so I'm planning to do this the weekend of January 20th. I suggest you choose a specific date, so it gets done! 

Why not try to do another Instagram sale or re-list the items on Poshmark? Because as Kat reminds us, the purpose of this month is to give freely. To realize that helping another person is far better than a few extra bucks from an online yard sale.


I also plan to dig into my studio, and pull out any art supplies or office decor/supplies that I haven't used within the past 6 months. There are so many tubes of paint (some watercolor, and some that are even acrylic - which I don't use anymore) that have been sitting collecting dust. I also have a handful of styling props that I haven't used in over a year! I know these pieces would be so much better off in the homes of budding creatives, rather than sitting in my little office cubbies. 

I plan to also do this the weekend of the 20th - so I can get everything organized all at once! I am thinking of "selling" these on Instagram, so that I am able to let y'all have first pick at them! Rather than adding a price tag to them, I will simply request the cost of shipping the pieces from my studio to yours. I can't wait to see what artistic creations y'all make with your new supplies! Any of the supplies that I don't give away in the Insta sale, I will donate to my local charitable art studio.


Kat did this fun little section on her January blog post, so I wanted to join in!

What I'm listening to: Well, my music taste is honestly whatever's currently on the radio haha! But, I am listening to a few of my favorite podcasts: The Creative Empire Podcast, She Creates Business, and Goal Digger. I highly recommend listening to them when you're working! I also decided to listen to one podcast while I'm on the elliptical to help pass the time - I tried it today and it worked like a charm!

What I'm reading: I'm currently reading Emily Ley's book Grace Not Perfection, and just got the book Launch that I'm going to start this week, too!

3 personal goals for January: (1) Go through the Tone it Up Challenge and work out at least 3 times a week. (2) Complete my PowerSheets for January - I had meant to do this by yesterday, but hope to have them fully completed by the end of this week! (3) Find a daily devotional or prayer routine that I resonate with and that works with my schedule, and implement it weekly!

3 business goals for January: (1) Finish recording all of the videos for the SJM Art School!! (2) Finish creating the calligraphy for my font, and send it to my font designer! (3) Set systems in place for my finances - get Quickbooks Self-Employed, start putting 15% of each sale into savings to save for quarterly taxes, determine a set monthly paycheck and actually implement it, and set up my 401k.

Alrighty y'all, so there's my plan for January! I'm excited to keep revisiting this blog post throughout the month to look at my progress, and physically track it in my PowerSheets! If you're interested in joining the challenge with us, make sure to join our Facebook group and keep up with us on Insta with #contentmentchallenge2017!