Over 60 Answers to Your Biggest Business Questions | Backstage Pass

Hi, friend. Can we have a little heart to heart tonight? I've got a glass of wine in hand, and I'd love for you to grab one, too!

You know this crazy little ride in life called entrepreneurship? I've been a part of this beautiful fast-paced world for over three years now, and as I do at the start of each year - I'm reflecting back on the years past. 

When I first started Simply Jessica Marie, I was a college senior. I've painted my whole life, and often found friends (oh hey there sorority sisters!) asking me to either paint something for them, or help them with a creative project. After I found out I was going to be moving to Nashville to work part-time with a wedding planner, and quickly realized how expensive it was going to be to live in Nashville, I decided to turn my creative passions into a sweet little Etsy shop.

I had interned with and worked for creative entrepreneurs throughout my years in college, and knew what it meant to be an employee of a creative. Little did I know what it actually meant to run a creative business myself, though. Oh - you mean I only get to paint 10% of my work day? Well that's weird!

I had all of the passion in the world, the drive to make my mark as an artist, and a true bright-eyed outlook on life. That along with branching into the world of Instagram from the get-go, partnering with photographer friends to help me capture my artwork beautifully, and collaborating with other creatives helped me begin my journey on what I thought at the time was an amazing note.

But y'all, there were so many things I didn't know that could have either saved me oodles of money, or tons and tons of time. I had no idea that you were allowed to say no to creative projects if they didn't fit within your brand's core, story, and aesthetic (Y'all seriously - one year I designed graduation announcements, first birthday party invitations, corporate invitations, baby shower invitations, wedding invitations and more all at once. Talk about being all over the place before knowing how to find my niche!). I had no idea what an EIN was (oops) or how often I was supposed to file sales & use tax, or even how much to save for taxes so I wasn't blindsided come April. A contract? Yeah, I didn't have one when I first started, and couldn't have told you what was supposed to be in one even if I had one. The list could go on and on.

Inevitably, after my first year, I was majorly burnt out. It wasn't until I began investing in courses, workshops, conferences and mentoring and started to learn from others in our industry that I even began to feel like I knew what I was doing!

Friend, I want to save you that time, that money, that stress. I want to allow you to feel as though you aren't in this alone, and that you have someone to turn to for guidance. Better yet, I want to let you know that you now have over 50 creative cheerleaders to help you along your creative journey!

My sweet friend Karen of The Pursuit Community has asked me and over 50 other awesome creatives to answer questions that we all wish we knew the answers to when we were starting our businesses. 

Y'all, this is seriously a game changer - and even after 3+ years of business I have learned so much from this book bundle!

So what is it? It's called the Backstage Pass.

It is a bundle of 5 e-books filled with answers to over 60 of the biggest questions you've faced in business, along with some you might not have even considered yet. Plus 3 bonus books and 15 Pursuit Conference sessions. Unreal. 

Here are the exact questions we've answered for y'all:


What should I include in my contract & proposal?

Do you use an accountant or bookkeeper?

How much should I save for taxes?

Is your business covered by insurance? Why/Why not?

Do you have a business plan? What does it include?

What is the best method you have found to manage your bookings and your time?

How do you ensure that you get paid?

At what point do you feel it is time to hire extra help?

What type of business setup are you? Sole Prop? LLC? S Corp?


How do you manage finances when seasons are often inconsistent?

What is the best way you have found to manage getting paid on time?

How do you handle billing?

Do you have sales goals? Client goals? Number of event goals? Or just go with whatever comes?

How do you manage price quotes?

What are 3 great sales tactics you have used to gain new clients?

What are the absolute best ways you have found to market and advertise?

How do you get new customers?


How Important is branding?

How do you brand your business?

Who did you use to design your branding?

How do you use social media to promote your business?

What website company do you use?

What social media scheduling tools do you use?

What are some successful ways you’ve found to grow your newsletter list?


What are your core values?

How do you handle copycats?

What are some of the most important things you’ve learned as you started your business?

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

How do you compete with hobbyists who give things away that your business charges for?

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

What are 3 things you wish someone had told you before you started your business?

As creatives, we love SO many things. How do you choose what to focus on, and what to say no to?

How did your business start?

Have you ever had to fire a customer?

What are some of the most important things to ask a client from the start?

What advice do you have for working a destination wedding?


What are the most important skills a blogger should be

working on developing?

What are the top 3 ways you make money from your blog?

How do you get paid to endorse products or services?

How do you decide what to post each week?

If someone is looking to take their blog to the next level, what top 3 things should they focus on changing or implementing?

How do you separate yourself from other bloggers out there?

Advice for those wanting to start a blog

What is your blogging schedule like?

Do you sell products through your blog? If yes, what & how?

Do you use any scheduling software? If so, what?

Seriously friends, how incredible is that? I cannot tell you how much I wish I had this resource 3 years ago when I was first starting my business. And truthfully, I still find it so insanely valuable now, too!

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I cannot wait to hear about how life changing this is for your business. Please feel free to shoot me an email after reading through the books to let me know - I would love to cheer you on!