A Hint at What is to Come | The SJM Art School

I have something exciting to share today, friends! If you have been following me for a while on Insta, you have likely seen me hint at creating online courses about a variety of my favorite art forms. Well y'all, those ideas are finally beginning to take shape!

SJM Art School by Simply Jessica Marie

Over the course of the next couple of months, I will be creating and filming a handful of amazing classes to bring to you as a part of the up and coming SJM Art School. The SJM Art School will be an online classroom for creatives to learn artistic fundamentals and advanced techniques in a fun yet relaxed environment.

SJM Art School by Simply Jessica Marie

photo by Zipporah Photography

Class topics will range from the very basics of Intro to Watercolor (awesome for those of y'all who are just picking up a paintbrush for the first time - such an exciting phase in your journey!!) to more advanced classes like Digitizing Your Watercolor Designs (not to pick favorites - but this might be the class I am most looking forward to teaching as there is nothing devoted solely to this topic in the creative teaching world quite yet!). I will be introducing four core classes at first, and will add to the School's course curriculum in the future. 

SJM Art School Survey

In order for me to make the SJM Art School as impactful as possible for you, I would love to hear more about your personal artistic journey! If you would be able to take a few moments to answer these eight simple questions in the form above, I would be SO appreciative! To show my thanks, I will be sending you a sweet gift once the SJM Art School is in session! 

I'd also love to begin our watercolor journey together now!! I'll be sharing weekly 15 minute watercolor lessons with you, if you sign up for The Artistic Aperitivo below! They'll be a great practice for us before we dive into the Art School!



I cannot contain my excitement about the SJM Art School, and am so looking forward to meeting all of you budding students oh so soon! I hope these classes help you feel comfortable and confident in your own personal artistic journey, and inspire you to try the things you have been to nervous to begin for lack of clarity or education! Let's make the world a more beautiful, artistic place, shall we friends?