How to Use Styled Stock Images for Your Creative Business | Using Styled Frame Photos for Art Prints

One of the things that has truly helped to elevate my business is using styled stock images to showcase my products and custom designs.

I don't always have the opportunity to style and photograph my own designs, and Shay of SC Stockshop does such a gorgeous job of styling high quality photos for creatives like you and me. They provide such a stunning cohesive look to my website, shop and instagram feed, and I know they will for you, too!

Now that you know where to find these gorgeous premium styled stock photos, it is important you know how to use them well.

My favorite design platform is Illustrator, so I've partnered with SC Stockshop to bring you a step-by-step tutorial detailing my personal process of creating graphics for my shop, blog, and social media using their styled picture frame images. 

Want to know how I go through my design process to make sure my artwork looks realistic inside her picture frames, while also maintaining beautiful clarity of my designs?

I hope the tutorial above is useful for you, and that it provides you with the tools you need to design beautiful graphics showcasing your work! Please feel free to leave any specific questions below, I'm always happy to help!

I will be creating a variety of other tutorials showcasing how I love using SC Stockshop styled stock images for my business. If you have any questions about how to use the various types of images Shay offers, please let me know and I will add a tutorial for that question to my list of upcoming posts!

Want to find the perfect styled stock photos to elevate your brand? Head to the SC Stockshop website and use their fun color picker tool to select images that are cohesive to your brand aesthetic! 

This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a percentage of the images you purchase by using these links. This is because I truly believe in the power of using SC Stockshop styled stock images to transform and elevate your brand! All thoughts in this post are 100% mine, and absolutely true!