My Creative Empire Podcast Interview | How to Teach Your Own Online Course

Happy Monday friends! I hope y'all had the merriest of Christmases and are still spending some cozy quality time with loved ones! If you're traveling back home today like we are, I have something fun to share with you! 


Over the summer, my sweet friends Christina and Reina of the Creative Empire Poscast asked me to record a webinar about how to launch your first online course, and it is live today! I outline the steps I am currently going through to launch the SJM Art School, from concept to launch! I also chat about other artistic and business details like how I recommend learning a new artistic talent (including my creative journey toward becoming a brush calligrapher!), how to better manage your time, and a hint at what is to come with SJM!


I hope that after listening to the podcast, you  understand the value of both teaching and furthering your artistic education! If you're an artist and are hoping to begin teaching through online courses, and have any questions after listening to the podcast, please let me know! And of course if you're a budding artist with questions about investing in online courses or knowing when is best for you to begin learning, I am always happy to chat, too!

Thank you so so much Christina and Reina for this fun interview! I've so loved listening to all of your other interviews, and can't wait to hear the ones that will be coming soon! PS - it would mean so much to us if y'all leave them a review after listening, so they are able to reach even more creatives!

Now I'm sure you're wondering more about when I'll be launching my SJM Art School! While I had hoped to launch the four core courses in December, my videographer and I are making sure to take the time to make the courses as valuable and content packed for y'all as possible. So, our new estimated launch month is this upcoming March!


If you want to be the first to know more about when the SJM Art School is launching, more inside details about what each course will cover, and learn about the free webinar I'll be hosting about How to Find Your Signature Style as an Artist, make sure to sign up for the SJM Newsletter!  

I would also be so appreciative if you took a few minutes to fill out this fun survey! It will help me know how to make the SJM Art School as beneficial as possible specifically for you! I cannot wait to hear more about your unique artistic journey, friend!

Merry Christmas y'all, and happy almost new year!!