How To Cultivate a Meaningful Life and Plan Actionable Goals with 2017 Powersheets

Y'all I am SO excited for my sweet friend Lara Casey and her Cultivate What Matters team as they launched their new 2017 Powersheets today!! Lara and I go way back to my college years when I geeked out over meeting her at their Southern Weddings V5 Launch Party and when I interned with them out of her beautiful North Carolina home my senior year. Lara is the type of person who is so intentional about making sure you feel loved, appreciated, and heard for what is truly in your heart - and that spirit of hers is evident in her transformative Powersheets. 

2017 Powersheets by Lara Casey in the Cultivate What Matters Shop

I have to be honest - I am the type of person who begins the year on a really productive note, writing out goals, setting plans in action, and using notebooks galore. However, I find it really easy to let those plans fall to the wayside come February or March. Is anyone else currently nodding along with a grin on your face? We've all been there, friends!

How To Cultivate a Meaningful Life and Plan Actionable Goals with 2017 Powersheets

The beautiful thing about Powersheets in my opinion is that they provide you with the freedom to take things slow. There is a really fun section at the beginning of the Powersheets that encourages you to evaluate where you are now, what worked for you in the past year - and what didn't, allows you to meet your fears head on, get inspired by what fires you up, and then take action to visualize your big picture and set actionable goals. Lara's Powersheets are so unique in the fact that they ask you to do all of this prep work up front, so that when you are in the midst of the year and are having a hard time focusing - you can look back to these original sheets and thoughts for reference and focus! I know that is my biggest struggle, and it was the best part of my 2016 Powersheets hands down!

The monthly pages are then equally as wonderful! I love that they begin by asking you to refresh your mindset and review your goals before planning for new ones. The monthly pages allow you to focus not only on business and life goals personally, but also encourage you to determine how you can love on others each month. I told ya - Lara's personality seeps through into each detail of these pages, and encourages us to live in a similar full-hearted way!

If you have still been nodding your head along with this post and thinking - YES!! I definitely need these in my life in order to truly make 2017 filled with purpose, intention, and meaning! If you like the sound of sheets that encourage you to literally get messy and doodle within the pages rather than keeping everything prim and proper. That allow you to dream big and better yet, make those dreams reality with trackable, actionable goal setting - Powersheets are for you my sweet friend.

How To Cultivate a Meaningful Life and Plan Actionable Goals with 2017 Powersheets

The Cultivate What Matters shop launched their new 2017 collection of Powersheets this morning, and they are available for pre-order in a couple of different options - a one year planner and a six month planner. I am personally getting the full year planner, as I know I will want to continue my goal setting all the way throughout next December, and have everything kept in one place! However, the pink cover on the six month planner truly is darling!

All pre-orders will ship late this month, which is the perfect timeframe for cozying up with a warm blanket, fall-scented candle, and glass of hot cider (or red wine!) to work on the beginning pages of your sheets as you head into the new year.

If you have any questions about Powersheets or how I personally use them, please feel free to leave a comment below! I am always happy to answer any questions you might have! The individual product pages in the Powersheets listings also have a wonderful FAQ page with great answers from the Cultivate team!

Let's make 2017 amazing, shall we friends?

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